Loki is one of the most liked and polarizing characters of MCU. In recent times the Supervillain has turned into an Anti-hero. This complex character (God of Mischief) is loved by everyone. The unpredictable nature of Loki is one of the main reasons for the rise of this character in the MCU. Now let’s take a look at some of the differences and similarities in Marvel movies and Norse Mythology, from where the character has originated.

Differences in Marvel Movies and Norse Mythology

Loki - Differences And Similarities in Marvel and Norse Mythology
Loki – Differences And Similarities in Marvel and Norse Mythology

Loki, Thor’s uncle

Yes you heard it right. According to the Norse Mythology Loki wasn’t the brother of Thor. In Fact he was the brother of Thor’s father, Odin. Loki took a blood oath as the brother of the King of Gods. Just imagine what would happen to the brotherly bond between the two. The love and hate relationship between the two which forms the crux of the whole Asgard wing of MCU.

Father of “The Ruler of Underworld”

According to the Norse Mythology Loki is not the brother of Hel, who’s referred as Hela in the movie ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. In the mythology, the ruler of the underworld is the daughter of Loki.

Goddess Sigyan

In the mythology Loki is married to goddess Sigyan. Her love for Loki is so evident that she stands by him even in his worst times. But the movies have never mentioned Sigyan, not even once.

The Deadly Betrayal

Loki shares a love-hate relationship with Thor in the movies. But is sorry for his wrongdoings and tries to help Thor. Whereas in the Norse myths, he backstabs his fellow gods and causes the death of Baldr.

Death of Loki

The death of Loki in the movies and mythology is totally different. In the movie he was killed by Thanos. On the other hand according to myths Loki died in a battle where all gods of Asgard died. But in the movies Asgard is saved by the half brothers, Loki and Thor.  

Similarities in Marvel Movies and Norse Mythology

Loki - Differences And Similarities in Marvel and Norse Mythology
Loki – Differences And Similarities in Marvel and Norse Mythology

Loki’s Gender and Sexuality

Loki’s character is bisexual which was revealed in the Loki’s 2021 series. In the myths too, Loki is shown as a character who can swap genders and has established relationships with different genders, races and creatures. And even gave birth to a child, when he was in the form of a Mare.

Loki is a Half Giant

Loki’s parents were a Giant and Goddess. His half Giant and half god like qualities have provided him with powers like shape shifting.

The Power of Shapeshifting

This is one of the most significant powers of Loki. With shapeshifting powers, Loki can transform into any human, animal, monster or creature.  This power is used by the God of Mischief to trick and fool others.

A pure grey character

Loki is neither good nor bad. He flips whenever he feels like. He can be the good guy or bad guy, all depends on his mood and situation. He has both fought with and against Thor in many situations. Marvel has never tried to simplify this complex character and have stayed true to the unpredictable nature of the God of Mischief.

Loki’s looks

The myths describe him as a charming, attractive and handsome character. He’s not a muscular character like other warriors of Asgard and has a long & thin face. Marvel has almost marvelled the looks of Loki.

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