Legacy by Nora Roberts has Just the right amount of suspense, romance and action. Nora Roberts is skilled writer, and one of her writing skill is the use of various voices for stories. While this story starts and finishes with violence. The large portion of the tone is kind since it is a story about forming a family from friends. I liked the pace and it covered lot of years. There were happy as well as sad parts.

Legacy By Nora Roberts | Right Amount of Suspense, Romance And Action
Legacy By Nora Roberts | Right Amount of Suspense, Romance And Action

Adrian is seven years of age when the story starts. She discovers that she was the result of an affair her mom Lina had with her married college professor. Lina is a successful fitness trainer who invests more energy in her profession than parenting. Adrian’s caring grandparents fill in as substitute guardians making their small community in the Maryland mountains her actual home. Adrian delighted in going to work with her mom, showing up in her recordings and learning enough to model her profession after her mother’s. As Adrian’s career begins to take off, she gets death threats composed as poems. These haunt her for quite a long time.

Legacy is a romantic spine chiller although the real appeal of this novel is the connections every characters have with each other. At the point when Adrian settles in Maryland, a large group of people give love and support. This includes new and old friends, family and an old crush from childhood. They are there for each other during cheerful and tragic times. When the threats to Adrian raise and murders begin to happen, this warm and folksy story fires up a piece to suspense mode. While it’s not very hard to sort things out, it’s still engaging.

Plot twist was good. The suspense wasn’t pretty much as tension filled as I expected, however I liked the storyline and how it unfurled. Getting the killer’s POV was an extra creepy bonus which was added. Overall, Legacy by Nora Roberts was a fantastic story with characters I loved. I can’t wait to get to another romantic suspense novel written by Nora Roberts.

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