By – Gregg Olsen

If You Tell was a disturbing book. Sometimes things that truly have happened are far more terrible than anything we can envision. This is a story of abuse, manipulation, and complete and utter negligence for human torment. Where one woman got off on the emotional and actual agony she could perpetrate on others – basically her children and those nearest to her. How she got away with this for such a long time is a mystery.

The best novel Gregg Olsen has ever written. It’s the fifth I’ve perused by him and I’ve generally been pretty disappointed as his editors have done an atrocious job, but this one is WAY better introduced. I see it’s been a couple of years since he wrote a real crime book so the break’s done him a lot of good as this one is interesting.

It is a pretty frightening read. Shelly properly is a mother of hell. How on earth a few people do things other individuals can’t even think of, leaving me flabbergasted ! Particularly as she’s a mother. There is a happy ending, however…..her daughters are full-grown and well away from her and I was glad to see it.

Lara is likely the most nicest individual the girls have in their lives. She took a ton on with her children and Shelly appeared to be pretty damaged as of now when Lara encountered her. Her maternal family were a lot of psychos, so I guess she didn’t stand a chance, however it’ll never pardon her later conduct. I additionally enjoyed Shane. He was managed a bleeding horrendous hand himself….I liked Ron, as well and his relationship with Tori was a sweet one.

A few maltreatments Shelly committed really made me wince…..none were lovely, obviously yet she went past the pale. I possessed little energy for her better half, all things considered. Unfortunately, he did not have any spine and consistently supported his wife. He was sort of accepted as a fellow victim by the author as later in life he attempted to redeem himself.

I will recommend If You Tell to true crime lovers who are strong and not get triggered easily. This is certainly a disturbing bit of material that has been well written by Olsen.

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