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9 Ideas to Write Great Instagram Captions

Ideas to Write Great Instagram Captions

9 Ideas to Write Great Instagram Captions

Ideas to Write Great Instagram Captions: If you have a bunch of pictures you want to post on Instagram but not enough captions, do not worry – we have you covered. Here is a list of 9 ways you can get the perfect caption for any of your pictures. These sources are easily accessible, innovative and likely to boost your social media engagement too!

Use some kind of wordplay

The best kind of captions are those that make people laugh or make people realize you’re a witty person. One way to showcase your wittiness is to use wordplay of any kind in the caption. Puns, alliterations, rhymes, assonances and consonances are all ways to make a caption more beautiful. Plus other figures of speech should be used too. Why should lyrical writing come under the purview of only novels and poetry? Captions deserve it too.

Pick up Instagram poets’ poetry (and give credits)

Instagram poetry has now given rise to content creators who publish content especially compatible with Instagram. Although you can use poetry by any author as a caption to sound more intelligent, artistic and knowledgeable, Instagram poetry works very well. This enables people to use a format based on short poetry in lieu of long, arduous poetry. However, it is of the utmost importance to not plagiarize and give credit to respective poets.

Ideas to Write Great Instagram Captions
Ideas to Write Great Instagram Captions

Write about your feelings at that moment

Wittiness or sagacity is not the only thing that makes a caption successful. Being honest and true to the moment and penning down your thoughts, emotions and ideas about the picture you post can work too. This shouldn’t be overly emotional and sentimental though. This shows that you have a personal connection with the moment and will move people too. However, it’s best not to get too caught up in this and go overboard.

Use a song lyric that captures the emotion of the moment

Song lyrics often end up expressing what we feel better than even we can. So if you’re posting about a special relationship, a natural view or even yourself, a look for a song you love that is ideal for the moment. This will also help viewers instantly connect with the picture. Apart from this, song lyrics from indigenous languages with translations can also make the picture look even better by creating the mood for it.

People come to Instagram not for long-form content (for which google and other sites exist) but for short, crisp, entertaining content. And because the image is the main feature of Instagram, the caption should ideally support it or supplement it. Thus, a great way to do that is to use a joke relevant to the picture. This will not just make your viewers laugh but will also not distract them from the picture itself.

Ideas to Write Great Instagram Captions
9 Ideas to Write Great Instagram Captions

Use emojis to tell a story

The one thing that distinguishes social media from other platforms and captions from other writing forms is emojis. Emojis can be funny, silly, serious or all of the above. And the best part about emojis is that you don’t have to use just one. So if you seriously cannot think of any captions, you could try narrating the story of the moment captured by the photo via emojis. You could also have an emoji related inside joke with someone in the photo.

Trendy Instagram captions make buzzes all over the world and there’s no reason you shouldn’t jump on that bandwagon. Several captions have become trendy over the years such as “perfectly imperfect”, “messy hair, don’t care”, “girls just wanna have fun” etc. While these seem cringe-worthy now, they are very fun for a short-lived time. So if you plan to delete a picture later, you could just use a silly but trendy caption.

Ideas to Write Great Instagram Captions
Ideas to Write Great Instagram Captions

Give an interesting spin to cliches

Cliché captions feel artificial and boring. It also shows that not much thought has gone into the caption. But if you can twist it around by changing a word or phrase to make it more ironic, humorous or fun, that works by all means. For instance, the caption “felt cute, might delete later” is one of the most overused Instagram captions of all time. But giving it a spin, you could use “felt cute might destroy the house later” for a picture of a baby boy or girl.

Write a caption in the form of a diary entry or letter

Sometimes, changing up the format of a caption from a paragraph to a poem, diary entry or letter can make all the difference in the world. This enlivens the caption instantly and piques the interest of readers. This can also make the caption more emotional or sentimental. While a diary entry is a mental note of the events and emotions in the picture, a letter can be addressed to people present in the photo or absent from it, or even to inanimate objects.

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