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How to Stop Negative Thoughts Using 5 Simple Steps

How to Stop Negative Thoughts Using 5 Simple Steps

A habit can manage to be so influential that it can overpower the rest of your emotions. Treating a physical wound is a lot easier than treating your mental well-being. Some of the easier ways are to track down what you are feeling every day, start journaling or just write casual notes on how your day went. This is not just for people suffering from bad mental health. Every person should acknowledge their emotions every day. It will help you to realize the reason behind your negative thoughts.

Especially, nowadays, when mental health issues are so widespread, you need to understand if it requires clinical help or is it something that can be taken care of on your own. You can hear teens and adults talking about issues such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, and more. As much as it is a good thing to be aware of mental health illnesses, you must not diagnose yourself on its own. There is a reason why clinical experts are there.

Sometimes we just don’t know why we get certain waves of negative thoughts. There are reasons behind it and we can control them from overpowering our vulnerability. Let’s read about how to stop negative thoughts using 5 simple steps. But, before you do, just know it is your mental health and YOU have to work for it.

Forceful Positive Thoughts

It is absolutely fine to feel sad. You are a human and sadness is a part of your emotion. It is okay to take a break from people, social media, and more. You can take all the time you need to heal from any situation or incident. It might take years to move on from certain things. What is important is to try to heal. Something you should not do is force positive ideas on the brain. That’s not how the negative mind works. If it worked then anxiety would not have existed.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts Using 5 Simple Steps
How to Stop Negative Thoughts Using 5 Simple Steps

Automatic Negative Thoughts

Automatic Negative Thoughts or ANTs are something that you should record to get over your negative thoughts. You need to understand your mood, the thoughts that automatically come to your mind when you feel negative, and the situation. You need to realize who you were with when it happened, where were you, and more? There are several things that feel as if they happen to you because you are in a bad environment and you don’t feel safe. So, you need to know these things to take care of your mental well-being. Moreover, knowing your mood in certain situations will give you an upper hand. Suppose, you feel like “You are useless”, despite thinking that remind yourself how you are new to this and you are a human. It is okay to make mistakes and now you know what not to do.

Thoughts on Trial

After you recognize your ANTs or Automatic Negative Thoughts, now it is time to scrutinize them. Where is this coming from? Is it from the past or a feeling you experience around certain people or environments? The best thing that you can do for someone is to be there for them as a friend. So, why not do that for you? Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend who is in distress. If it is a reaction emerging from an incident that occurred in the past, it should not matter because you are not the same person as you were last week. Only positive affirmations to the self can help you grow out of the negative thoughts. Nevertheless, they should not have a forceful positive viewpoint.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts Using 5 Simple Steps
How to Stop Negative Thoughts Using 5 Simple Steps

Overwhelming Feelings

Just because your negative thoughts overpower your sanity you should not avoid them. Yes, you heard me right? Do not avoid it, on the contrary, welcome it. Welcoming negative or overwhelming thoughts can be a roller coaster. But making your mind familiar with the overwhelming thoughts is a lot easier than ignoring them. If you recognize your thoughts, you can easily move on from that thought. In case you ignore it, it will stay in your head for a long time. Feel it, think about it, how and why it emerged, and move on.

‘Should’ Thoughts

In any kind of treatment, one of the primary things is to not force anything on the self. It often happens that we say to ourselves that “we should eat more”, “we should join the gym”, or “we should start working out”. The intention behind all of it is to be more mentally strong and healthy. On the contrary to “I should”, say “I will try” and be proud of your effort. The issue here is the word ‘should’. Despite the effort, it can trigger guilt, make you feel low, and send you down the spiralling road of negative thoughts. Always remember that healing takes time and the moment you start taking care of yourself, you are almost there.

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