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How to Stay Productive All Day Long

How to Stay Productive All Day Long?

How to Stay Productive All Day Long

There are some days when you just have to move, work, and be productive. You cannot just lie down and take a 3-hour long break. However, when most of your weekdays are spent being unproductive and lazy it is tough to be efficient and productive. You cannot just be lazy and study one hour for a week, and then expect yourself to be all busy with books and work on a Monday. To sum up, you have to be productive every day. If not effectively spend efficient days. What I mean by that is, that if you are not doing tasks that are your priorities on certain days, spend them doing the necessary work. Suppose, you need a break from your studies, spend that day exercising, doing house chores, going out, and more. In this article, we are going to read about how to stay productive all day long?


Firstly, you need to take care of the basics. These are things that do not make you feel productive. However, they are absolute necessities. Basic things such as sleeping for 6-7 hours, waking up at a particular time, exercising a little bit, drinking an adequate amount of water, three meals and more. You are well aware of these things as they fall under your habits. But skipping any of these can affect your daily productivity. These are things that provide you energy and make you feel clean and better about yourself.

I mean, a shower can do wonders. Whenever you feel down, but you have to complete a few tasks, follow the basics – take a shower, eat food, listen to music and start working. Never avoid the basics if you want to stay productive all day long.

How to be Productive All Day Long?
How to be Productive All Day Long?

Clear Defined Tasks

Some people prefer to write their to-do list or daily schedule in the morning. For some, nighttime is the best. Both of those are fine. However, a small piece of advice, if you are new to this to-do list thing and you have a major concentration problem, don’t add more than 6 tasks. At most 6 tasks are perfect to make you feel proud of yourself. These 6 tasks are the priority of your day and you have to complete them.

In case your tasks are done and you have to read something extra, write it down and pen through it. These lists work as a great reminder of your tasks and ticking them off makes you feel productive and proud of yourself.


For some people Pomodoro technique works which is taking 5 minutes to break after studying for 25 minutes. However, I am not someone who ever managed to follow the technique properly. Does that mean I don’t take breaks? I do. When I start reading something, I make up my mind that I will read 40 pages then I will make myself something to eat. While doing that, I watch my favourite study channel, watch book reviews or museum visits.

How to be Productive All Day Long?
How to be Productive All Day Long? or How to Stay Productive All Day Long?

Well, those are things that I love to watch as they do not distract me from my study mood. Then, I start reading again and after completing 40-50 more pages, I go for a 30-minute walk with earphones on. Then I take a shower. Make myself a cup of iced coffee and start studying or writing articles. In summary, the break is important to remain productive throughout the day. Go through different techniques and see which benefits you the best.

Be Accountable

Yes, if you are studying for a long period you are most likely to get tired. You deserve breaks. But keep in mind that you have a to-do list to complete. The list was not given to you, it is not compelled, you made it yourself, and you must complete it. Be accountable for your tasks and jobs. You are making the list, make sure you do not disrespect it. If you don’t respect your own time and choices, no one else will.

How to Stay Productive All Day Long?
How to Stay Productive All Day Long?


Lastly, observe your actions. No one can read you and comprehend you better than you. Notice all the tiny details about you. Such as what time of the day you are most productive, or which environment is not right for your mood?

I feel most productive during the nighttime and the afternoon. So, I spend them doing important tasks, such as covering my syllabus or making notes. I don’t feel productive during the evening as it is mostly about television, family chitchatting, or relatives coming over. So, during this time I don’t open my books, I either go for a walk or watch my favourite study channels on YouTube.

One thing that I believe in and do it, that I do not study when I feel like I have to and I don’t want to. It is scientifically proven that any knowledge acquired in rush will be out of the brain very soon. So, you need to observe and take notes on your mood throughout your day.

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