Nothing excites fans more than a crossover between the Marvel universes and DC Universe. Even an idea or thought of a crossover triggers the emotions and excitement of fans. While there 1000’s of fan theories and dream battles or faceoffs. But nothing comes close to the idea of having an ultimate faceoff between the ace archers of DC and Marvel. Literally nothing can beat the hype and excitement of a faceoff between Hawkeye and Green Arrow. Green Arrow vs Hawkeye who would win the battle of archers, is a question that every comics fan wants to answer. So, we’ll try not to be biased and analyze what will happen if the two master archers get to face off against each other in the battleground.

Green Arrow vs Hawkeye

Green Arrow vs Hawkeye Who Would Win The Battle of Archers
Green Arrow vs Hawkeye Who Would Win The Battle of Archers

As they say, two lions can’t rule in the same valley. So, how can there be two master archers in the superhero spectrum? We do need to have a battle of supremacy between two ace archers. There have been a few characters who have portrayed the characters of Hawkeye and Green Arrow. But we’ll be taking the two iconic characters, Clint Barton and Oliver Jonas Queen for the face off. Both the mask men have had their fair share of legacy in their respective universes. On the surface level both Hawkeye and Green Arrow appear to be similar. However, there are few things which can make a difference in their faceoff. So, let’s compare the two iconic characters on their respective skills and abilities.

Combat Skills

Both Green Arrow and Hawkeye are skilled combat fighters, they are enriched with the knowledge of numerous martial arts and fighting techniques. However, Hawkeye has an upper hand in combat skills. As he is a well trained and experienced candidate who has learnt his combat skills in his initial days from the man himself, ‘Captain America’. Barton’s childhood phase with the circus also helped him as it made him more agile and acrobatic. Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is also skilled with numerous weapons. Apart from being a master archer, he is also an excellent swordsman. On the other hand Green Arrow is also a good hand-to-hand combats, but heavily relies on his primary equipment while facing any enemy. If things go down to a one on one hand to hand combat there are high chances that Hawkeye will emerge as the victorious in the face off between the mask men.

Clint Barton vs Oliver Jonas Queen, Who is a better Archer

Clint Barton vs Oliver Queen
Clint Barton vs Oliver Queen

When we are talking about a face off and are comparing Clint Barton and Oliver Jonas Queen. How can we let go of the archery skills, as both men are primarily archers. Archery has to be one of the key parameters while comparing the duo. Both Barton and Oliver are skilled archers and are considered the masters of archery in their respective universes. The accuracy of both the superhero’s arrows are unmatched. However, when it comes to speed, Green Arrow definitely has an upper hand. In the Green Arrow: Quiver storyline, Oliver Queen was confirmed to be able to fire 33 arrows accurately per minute, while Hawkeye’s number is closer to 30. Green Arrow is slightly faster than his Marvel counterpart, that’s the reason he wins in the category of archery.

Who’s more lethal in the battle ground Hawkeye or Green Arrow

Green Arrow’s experience fighting villains who are similarly skilled in archery, knife-fighting, and swordsmanship would give him an advantage in a one on one face off against Hawkeye. DC villains, like Prometheus, Merlyn, and Deathstroke, have prepared Green Arrow well for a fight to the death. In contrast, Hawkeye has less experience fighting enemies who use a similar arsenal. This means that in a straight up fight, Green Arrow would have the advantage due to his more extensive experience fighting such duels. 

Who Would Win The Battle between Hawkeye and Green Arrow

It is difficult to say who would win the battle between Green Arrow and Hawkeye, as the outcome would likely depend on a variety of factors. However, in this battle of the ace archers, it is likely that Hawkeye would try to get close to Green Arrow and engage him in hand-to-hand combat. While Green Arrow would try to keep his distance and use his superior archery skills to outmaneuver and defeat Hawkeye. In the end, the outcome of the battle would likely depend on which of these tactics proved more effective.

Whoever wins, but just witnessing the clash of the two best archers of their respective universes would be a great site to whiteness. Who would be your pick if you had to choose one?

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