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Fourteen Lokas in Hindu Mythology Explained

Fourteen Lokas in Hindu Mythology Explained

Fourteen Lokas in Hindu Mythology Explained: The Hindu mythological world is filled with many Godly figures and interesting stories aligning them. These stories include many different worlds where these Gods and their disciples reside. Each of these worlds has its own unique quality. They are divided into two categories, the upper worlds, called the Vyahriti, and the lower worlds called the Patalas.

Vyahriti – Vyahriti is a Sanskrit word that means “to utter”, or “speech”. In Hindu mythology’s division of the world, it refers to the upper worlds. They are the higher lokas and consist of seven different worlds.

Satya or Brahma Loka

It is the uppermost and the highest world in the Hindu mythology out of the others. It is where the cycle of life and rebirth begins. Lord Brahma resides on this plane.

Tapar Loka

It is the sixth plane of existence in the Hindu mythology. This is the world where the four kumaras and devadasis reside. The four kumaras, or the four sages. They are Sanaka kumara, Sanatana kumara, Sanandana kumara and Sanat Kumara. The name of the world comes from the Sanskrit word tapa, which translates to “heat”. This is also the world where the Vairagis reside.

Jana Loka

Fourteen Lokas in Hindu Mythology Explained
Fourteen Lokas in Hindu Mythology Explained

It is known as the world of living beings. Within the heavenly worlds, Jana Loka is the highest place of consciousness. The sons of Lord Brahma also reside here.

Mahar Loka

The word is derived from the Sanskrit word Mahas, which has multiple translations. Some of them are “greatness”, “power”, “might”, and “glory”. This is the world where the rishis, sages, saints, and other holy figures reside. These figures are said to have survived the end and the destruction of the world.

Svar Loka

This Loka is the resident of Lord Indra. It covers the part from the Sun to the Polar Star. This is the Loka where all the 330 million Hindu Gods reside and rest. It is a paradise and heaven for the Gods and the deities.

Bhuvar Loka

The second Godly world in the Vyahriti, is the distance between the earth and the sun. This is where the semi-divine deities and creatures live.

Bhur Loka

Bhur Loka is simply the current earth that we live on. It is the seventh plane of the upper lokas. This is the Loka where man and animals live on. It is believed that many creatures have inhabited this Loka.

Fourteen Lokas in Hindu Mythology Explained
Fourteen Lokas in Hindu Mythology Explained

Patalas – While the Lokas in the Vyahriti exist in space and upwards, towards the sky, the Lokas in the Patalas are underneath the surface of the Earth. They are known as the lower lokas. These are the worlds where demons, serpents, half-humans, and evil spirits reside. The Patalas also has seven different worlds under it.

Atala Loka

Ruled by the son of Maya, named Bala, who is said to have mystical powers. With the power of one single yawn, he brought to life three kinds of women, which are divided by the way they please the men.

Vitala Loka

It is the world right below the Atala Loka. Lord Shiva’s avatar, Hara-Bhava, lives there with his wife, Bhuta, and his devotees and disciplines. There are said to be many gold mines in this world. The devotees of the lord Bhava would offer him a lot of gold.

Sutala Loka

This world is ruled by the king Mahabali. He is said to be a just and fair ruler of the Sutala Loka. It is said that he was pushed into the earth by the Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu. In the next Yuga or the next life, he is considered to be a king of the heavens. The festival of Onam is celebrated in his honour.

Fourteen Lokas in Hindu Mythology Explained
Fourteen Lokas in Hindu Mythology Explained

Talatala Loka

This world is considered to be the ankles of the universal God. This realm is ruled by the demon architect, Maya. It is said that Lord Shiva destroyed three of Maya’s realms and gave him Talatala Loka at the end. The Mayasabha in the Mahabharata was named after him.

Mahatala Loka

It is the home to the serpents and the nagas. The nagas are half-snake, half-human mythological creatures. The son of Kadru, The Nāgas: Sons: Kaliya, Takshak, Anantnag, etc. reside in this realm and it is a home to them.

Rasatala Loka

The might, yet cruel demons live in this world. They are the Danavas and the Daityas. Similar to the serpents or the nagas, they also live in holes. These demons are considered to be eternal enemies or foes to the Gods in heaven.

Patala Loka

It is the lowest realm or the lowermost world in Hindu Mythology. It is also known as Naga Loka. This realm is ruled by the snake that is around Shiva’s neck, Vasuki.

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