Film Genres: 15 Types Of Movies That Are Common – A cinema genre is a stylistic or thematic classification of motion pictures based on similarities in narrative elements, artistic approach, or emotional response to the film. Film genres are typically defined by “conventions, iconography, locales, narratives, characters, and actors,” drawing heavily on theories of literary-genre criticism. Films can also be classified according to their tone, theme/topic, mood, format, target audience, or budget. These features are particularly visible in genre films, which are “commercial feature films portray familiar stories with familiar characters and familiar settings” in a given genre through repetition and variety.

The term “genre” refers to any category of literature or other kinds of art or entertainment, such as music, that is based on some set of stylistic criteria, whether written or spoken, auditory or visual.” The term can be found in ancient Greek literature. However, it is usually the simplest and most practical way for writers, artists, and filmmakers to categorise diverse genres of stories and content. We encounter genres while browsing video stores or Netflix, giving us a general concept of what the stories are like or comparable to. Here are 15 basic film genres.


The action genre has strong ties to the traditional war and combat storylines seen in many genres of art and literature. Action films have always been popular with moviegoers, with some of the first examples ranging from historical military epics to simple representations of heinous rail thefts. It was also one of the best examples of the evolution of our film making storyline and classic hero versus. Villain themes featured in a variety of genres and films. Its sub-genres are as follows: Military Action and War, Action Spy and Espionage Action, Martial Arts Action , Western Shoot ‘Em Up Action and Action Hybrid Genres.


The comic book is a pleasant, reasonably bright, and imaginative genre that has delighted people for years, and it has been a favourite of young and old film watchers from the beginning of film making. Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Lucille Ball, who built a lucrative career developing new and imaginative ways to make people laugh, are among the most well-known figures in film history. The comic book genre has proven to be one of the most versatile, with its origins integrated into the structure of the cinema and its numerous sub genres. Soothing the soul and bringing a smile to the face of the viewer is an art form that will never be forgotten and should not be underrated. It has the following sub-genres: Comedy Slapstick, Stupid Comedy, Comedy parody and Comedy in the Dark.


Horror films are a recent growing genre; nonetheless, it has long been a staple of excellent films, dating back to many of cinema’s earliest and most horrifying years. Shinin No Sosei from 1898 comes to mind, as do a slew of early horror adaptations from around the world that captured an audience hungry for frightening, occult entertainment. From the 1970s to the present, horror has grown in popularity thanks to the introduction of new horror genres such as vampires, shredders, discovered video, and haunting toys. It has the following sub-genres: Folk Horror, Zombie Horror, Body Horror, Discovered-Footage Horror etc.

Film Genres: 15 Types Of Movies That Are Common
Film Genres: 15 Types Of Movies That Are Common

Sci-Fi movie genre

The scientific term “sci-fi motion picture” dates back to the silent film era and is one of the most daring of the conventional genres. A Trip to the Moon, by Georges Méliès, is one of the oldest films ever made, focusing on man’s fascination with outer space and the scientific unknown (1902). Through movie history, the film has been one of the most popular venues for displaying humanity’s technological achievements and a manner of coping with more significant issues like alien civilizations, AI, and humankind’s purpose in the cosmos. It has the following sub-genres: Cerebral Science Space Travel, Time Travel, Films about robots and monsters, Natural Disaster and Alien Invasion etc.

Western film

Given its tremendous popularity and adventures, the west may be considered a microcosm of the action film genre. The various subgenres of the western have almost become legendary film forms in their own right. The Western film genre, in many respects, represents the story of old Hollywood, which emerged from the ashes of a freshly populated California town to become a predecessor of the modern film industry. Westerns soared in popularity from the early days of cinema and far into the late 1960s and 1970s, before morphing into some of our favourite modern mega-blockbusters. It has the following sub-genres: Traditional Western, Contemporary and Neo-Western, Fantasy and Space Western, Modern Western Revisionist and Anti-Western genre.


The romance genre, like the action and humorous categories, became a key component in practically every other film genre under the sun. Despite the fact that early filmmaking was filled with traditional love stories and various homologs such as the “rom-com,” the genre has progressed. Nonetheless, it is an important genre for both filmmakers and audiences. It has the following sub-genres: Romance in the Past, Dramatic Romance, Comedy Romance and romance in the Paranormal genre.

Film Genres: 15 Types Of Movies That Are Common
Film Genres: 15 Types Of Movies That Are Common


The thriller film, which was once a relatively rare genre, has become so popular that it may be time to rename it Summer Blockbuster Event. Drama’s rise follows the rise of spy and detective pulp novels in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It’s one of the most intriguing film platforms for looking at our institutions’ and society’s sometimes harsh and neglected truths. Because of some of its most astounding wins to renowned directors, thriller has become a major and significant piece of the cinematic tradition. The following are some of the major sub-genres: Thriller with a Conspiracy, Thriller Crime, Thriller in the Law, Thriller about spies and thriller with supernatural elements.


In contrast to science fiction, a fantastical story is centred on magical or paranormal abilities. The Harry Potter series, for example, is nothing short of a fantasy epic. The following are some of its subgenres: Contemporary Bangsian Fantasy, Fantasy in the City, Fables of Dark Fantasy, Fairy stories, Hard fiction , Extreme Fantasy genre etc.

Historical movie genre

Several imaginary works purport to be “writings” of fictional people and are written in a similar style, but they are of a different genre. Movies of the historical cinema genre are frequently written in the form of a textbook, which may or may not be totally focused on it. The following are some of its subgenres: Fiction Based on History, A Different History, Period Piece in Counterfactual History genre etc.

Film Genres: 15 Types Of Movies That Are Common
Film Genres: 15 Types Of Movies That Are Common

Crime and mystery

A crime drama is usually about a crime that is happening, has happened, or is following the life of a criminal. An investigator must solve a riddle in a mystery narrative. As the novel progresses, the protagonist finds details and hints. The mystery is answered by the end of the film. In the case of a criminal mystery, for example, the perpetrator and motivation for the murder are revealed, and the culprit is prosecuted. Mystery books are typically released in series, allowing for the main character’s development. Some of its subgenres include the following: History that is cosy, True crime story, Gong’an fiction about a gentleman thief, Legal suspense genre etc.


Drama is a style of storytelling or semi-fiction that is intended to be more serious in tone than entertaining, with an emphasis on the in-depth characterization of realistic characters who must deal with real emotional concerns. It can be found in film, television, and radio. The following are some of its subgenres: Docudrama, Legal saga, Dramatic medical drama, Melodrama, Drama about the military, Dramatic psychological drama Dramatic political drama genre etc.


Animation is a collection of different methods that films can be animated, rather than a genre or medium. The “Live-action scripted” genre can also be represented in an animated version. Many cinema critics and streaming providers refer to these categories as “genres”. The following are some of its subgenres: Typical animation, Animated show, Imagery created by computer, Motion halting genre etc.

Film Genres: 15 Types Of Movies That Are Common
Film Genres: 15 Types Of Movies That Are Common

Experimental film genre

The experimental genre is a type of artistic expression that does not cleanly fit into any other genres or subgroups. In experimental art, the audience can forsake a cohesive tale in favour of an emotional reaction or absolutely nothing. The following are some major subgenres: Absurdist, Surrealist genre etc.

Musical Style

Musicals began as stage works, but they quickly became a favourite of many filmmakers, and they have even been adapted for television. Musicals can be of any genre, but they always have characters singing songs and doing dance routines.

Genre of War

The term “war” has several different definitions, but we’ll try to be as clear and objective as possible. War films depict epic battles between opposing groups in a universe governed by the same natural laws as our own.

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