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Daily Routine of Stephen King | 4 hour of Writing | Nap In The Afternoon

Daily Routine of Stephen King Includes 4 hour of Writing And a Nap In The Afternoon

Stephen Edwin King is the god of supernatural thrillers and science fiction novels. His literary oeuvre comprises a prolific 62 novels, 5 non-fiction titles and over 200 short stories. He has even written 7 books under the pen name Richard Bachman. His titles, which include the masterpieces Carrie and It, have been adapted into several Hollywood movies. Even the Hollywood movie Shawshank Redemption is based on his novella. So how is the daily routine of Stephen King looks like.

What is it that makes this writer so great? He is of course gifted, but his discipline, gratitude and passion combine with his talent to create a writer of such caliber. Stephen King begins his day with a mental gratitude list. He remembers all that he is thankful for in his life, including his family, friends and corgi, called Molly. He tries to stay grateful for not being in pain because he is aware that everyone has some of that in their life. Next, the 73 year old writer proceeds to brush and shave, before tackling on his grand purpose – writing.

King told the Rolling Stones in an interview that the most important thing he does before reading is having breakfast and going for a long, three and half mile long walk. Post this, he starts writing in his room, which he claims is like any other room. Here he begins with the last piece of writing he found satisfactory and works his way forward. He further said that he probably writes a fresh copy for approximately two hours, and then spends more time editing and rewriting. This constitutes a total of four hours, after which he turns off the computer. Yes, he does write on his computer, but sometimes digresses into on-paper writing, such as with his novels like Dreamcatcher.

Stephen King talking about his daily routine, he further says that earlier, he used to be able to write over 2000 words a day. However, with age, that has reduced to almost half. Now, at 73 years of age, he writes approximately 1000 words a day. He tries to get at least six pages in every day. His magnanimous work proves his natural flow. For the four hours he spends writing, he immerses himself completely in the experience and doesn’t belong to this world at all. He doesn’t spend time looking at scenery, but tries to write as paced as a reader would like to read. To complement his writing, he sometimes listens to music.

Daily Routine of Stephen King | 4 hour of Writing | Nap In The Afternoon
Daily Routine of Stephen King | 4 hour of Writing | Nap In The Afternoon (Image 1)

King has also emphasised in several interviews about the importance of having a daily routine that you stick to more or less permanently. It is a way of tricking your mind into getting into the writing (and dreaming) mindset, according to King.

The discipline we were talking about comes into picture here. Stephen King, while writing, devotes his entire attention to his work. He switches off his internet, and begins as early as 8:15 every day. This proves that to be a great writer, it is not enough to have talent. It’s crucial to shirk off laziness and dedicate yourself completely to the writing. Determination and hard work play an important role in making a career as a writer.

Post writing, Stephen King usually naps during the afternoon. Once he gets the writing out of his way, he can spend the rest of the day doing whatever he likes, indulging in hobbies and gathering material to write about. His evenings are usually filled with family time, reading and watching the Red Sox games.

Stephen King’s bedtime routine is no different from any other bedtime routine. He brushes his teeth and washes his hand. King is quite particular about his pillows though – he insists that they point a certain way. He also has a definite side he likes to sleep on.

King’s writing routine, like his whole life, is an inspiration to aspiring authors. His dedication and discipline are noteworthy. However, it is important to understand that they aren’t artificial. They cannot be replicated so easily, because they come from within. He doesn’t stick to his daily routine and try to be so productive because he has to. He does it because he wants to. It is his passion and drive that compels him to have a daily routine like this. And that isn’t something that anyone can copy. However, all aspiring writers, actually anyone from any walk of like, can surely take inspiration from him.

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