Marvel and DC have been at odds since the beginning of time. As the biggest competitors in the superhero market, both have a fair share of feelings of animosity between them. Marvel has some incredible and amazing heroes in the form of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and more, while DC is also filled with unforgettable and intriguing heroes like the Bat-Man, Wonder Woman, Superman, and much more. Despite being on separate sides, there are two characters owned by both Marvel and DC. Today we will take a look at these two characters and what makes them different from in both universes.

Two Characters Owned by Both Marvel and DC and What Makes Them Different In Both Universe: Enchantress and Axel Asher

Marvel’s Axel Asher

When Axel Asher was a child, he suffered a gunshot wound to his leg due to an accident involving himself and his sister. While the wound hurt a little, Axel was more focused on being mad at his sister for getting him in trouble. This incident led to increasing animosity between himself and his sister through the years.

A few years later, Axel would still carry this scarring memory with him and his bitter feelings towards his sister would not subdue with time. However, this traumatic experience would soon be overshadowed by something much worse. During his teenage years, Axel began to be plagued by visions of two entities known as ‘The Brothers’. They harboured feelings of hatred for each other as well, and Axel could not understand why they were appearing in his consciousness.

Two Characters Owned by Both Marvel and DC - Marvel’s Axel Asher
Two Characters Owned by Both Marvel and DC – Marvel’s Axel Asher

Gradually, he began to gain more understanding of ‘The Brothers’ and their existence. With this understanding, he also gained awareness of his powers that had been somewhat dormant until then. These ‘Brothers’ were a manifestation of Marvel and DC, as a result of some previous crossover. Their existence had somehow made itself evident in Asher’s consciousness.

Eventually, Asher realized that he was the one who had gained the powers of the Access. The Access held the responsibility to ensure that no one from one universe could crossover into the other. If anyone did manage to evade the Access and crossover, it could lead to some unpleasant and horrifying consequences. The merging of these two universes would create an ‘Amalgam Universe’. The Access secretively manages to do his job and prevent anyone from entering the wrong universe.

DC’s Axel Asher

Axel Asher was born in another universe on another planet. DC’s Axel Ashes shares the exact same origin story as the Marvel’s Axel Asher, as he is not a variant of the other, at all. Axel Asher is the same person who is native to both the Marvel as well as the DC universe because he is the Access. The Access provides him with the power which was a remnant of the time when both these universes had crossed over, along with the Brothers and the Box, a portal connecting the two universes.

DC’s Axel Asher
Two Characters Owned by Both Marvel and DC – DC’s Axel Asher

Access was majorly responsible for stopping Dr. Strangefoot from merging the two universes, Marvel and DC into one. He also played a huge role in putting the two universes back together, when they had broken apart because of the Brothers’ battle. He found the shards of the universes inside the two heroes, Batman and Captain America, belonging to the two different universes and put them back together with help from them.

Access has to travel between the universes to always keep everything in check. If Access fails to do so and stays in one universe for a long time, it may lead to multiple spontaneous crossovers.

Marvel’s Enchantress

Amora was born in Asgard with magical powers. She had a sister, Lorelai, with whom she shared a very strained relationship. Amora became an apprentice to Queen Karnila in order to learn and better control her magic. Later, she kept practising magic on her own until she eventually gained perfect control. Her powers include charming people and mind control, amongst others.

Amora took on the name Enchantress and even joined Baron Zemo’s Masters of Evil. As a part of this team, she has faced the Avengers countless times. The Enchantress found the Scarlet Witch to be a worthy opponent. She has also fought against the Defenders and the Thing, from the Fantastic Four.

Two Characters Owned by Both Marvel and DC - Marvel’s Enchantress
Two Characters Owned by Both Marvel and DC – Marvel’s Enchantress

There was a time when the Enchantress, a native of Asgard, attempted to conquer and rule her home planet. Though she could not succeed, she did serve as a servant to Loki, during his brief reign. The Enchantress, like any other Asgardian, stood against Surtur when he attacked Asgard.

Sylvie Lustor is a young girl who was given powers by Loki to aid in all his schemes. Sylvie, however, genuinely believes herself to be a magical Asgardian with powers.

Sylvie’s Enchantress joins the Young Avengers, oblivious to the fact that she acts as a trap devised by Loki. Upon finding out the truth, she asks her fellow teammates to avenge her. Eventually, the real Enchantress returns and banishes Sylvie to another, distant realm.

DC’s Enchantress

The Enchantress comes into being when June Moone, a freelance artist attends a costume party, which goes in a much different direction than she was expecting. When she accidentally walks into the wrong room, a magical being turns her into ‘The Enchantress’.

In the beginning, the Enchantress fights off actual demons and dangers afflicted upon her. But as time goes on, the magic starts to affect her and she begins to seek omnipresence and ultimate power for herself. She faces off against Supergirl during this endeavour.

DC’s Enchantress
Two Characters Owned by Both Marvel and DC – DC’s Enchantress

Later, the Enchantress is also recruited into ‘The Suicide Squad’. During her time with them, June is constantly struggling with controlling the Enchantress side of herself. This lack of control and her behaviour costs the squad more than one mission.

While June Moone and Amora may share an alias, The Enchantress, and a wildly villainous personality, the resemblance ends there. Unlike Axel Asher, who is the same character existing in both universes, The Enchantress is a completely different character in both Marvel and DC.

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