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Career Options for Class 10th Students

Career Options for Class 10th Students

Career Options for Class 10th Students

Class 10th is a very crucial point in the life of an individual. It is the end of a student’s high school life. Class 10th is the last year of schooling before entering senior secondary school or college. It can also be termed as the stepping stone or first step of a student in the professional arena. From here on the serious business starts. 10th also embarks the transformation journey of a teen into adulthood. The hype and buzz around class 10th is immense, which has been created by schools, society and parents in general. The rat race of scoring a high percentage is horrifying. The pressure on the students is unimaginable. Here are some career options for class 10th students. You need to be wise with your choices and select something that suits you instead of following the crowd. So take a look at these 5 career paths.

Arts and Humanities

With time Arts and humanities have got their due respect. But still there are people who think opting for Arts and Humanities isn’t worth it, especially for bright or brilliant students. However, in today’s every subject and field has great potential & scope. The only requirement is that the individual should have will and skill. Arts and Humanities also have great potential and scope of creating a bright & better future for students. But one thing should be remembered: the field of Arts and Humanity is very vast. It has an array of subjects and options. One must be sure about which subject to choose. This selection process can be made easy by knowing your interest and future goal or aim. If you are clear about your future aim and objective in life or career then you will be able to select the right subject. If it’s too confusing and hectic a task for you then just select a subject that aligns with your interest.

Career Options for Class 10th Students
Career Options for Class 10th Students


Next on the list is people’s favourite ‘Science’. Jokes apart, Science is a very significant subject and arguably the strongest in the lot when it comes to scope and potential. The reason for this is the technical knowledge which the subject provides and the future aspects which open after getting into the field. Like Arts and humanities, Science too has a lot of options. But here selecting the subjects becomes even more important. Because after entering one stream or field in science it becomes very difficult for a student to change his/her path. Few popular options in Science are PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths), PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology). The mainstream and popular choices for students in the category are the Medical and Engineering field. However, there are many more options in this field which are related to the Science subjects. Avoid getting into the rat race. Instead, follow your heart and take your career in a direction of your interest.

Industrial Training Institute (ITI)

Now comes the unconventional options which are available after class 10th. Industrial Training Institutes are training centres that provide courses to students who are seeking employment options after completing High school studies (10th class). The course provides a great opportunity for students who wish to complete a technical course within a short span of time. After completing the course, students are trained in Industrial skills which enables them to earn money by working in that same field.

Career Options for Class 10th Students
Career Options for Class 10th Students

Polytechnic courses

Another popular unconventional option for students after class 10th is Polytechnic courses. This course includes various options like Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Computer, Automobile and these courses offer diploma programs of 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. Best part about these courses is that they are cost-effective in nature and also creates an opportunity for jobs within a short span of time. This is a great option for someone who can’t afford the conventional college fees of technical courses and wishes to earn money & gain work experience early in life. 


Commerce is one of the conventional choices for 10th students who are not into science and have little to no interest in Arts and Humanities. In our country Commerce is often referred to as a synonym of CA. But this subject has a lot more potential and scope in it. The subject holds some of the best future perspectives for students in finance, economy. Commerce related subjects and studies can offer great career  options like Chartered Accountant, MBA, investment in banking sectors, etc.

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