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Can We Count Audiobooks as Reading

Can We Count Audiobooks as Reading

In recent years, audiobooks have become more and more popular among readers as a medium for exploring new books and revisiting old stories. With the growing horizon of audiobooks, this is an often asked question as audiobooks are more utilized nowadays as a method of completing a book in a short amount of time. So, can we count audiobooks as reading? In this article let’s see why we can and we cannot count audiobooks as reading.

It is undoubtedly a debatable question – well we also have not moved from the universal question of whether reading is better than watching a movie or not? Although there is a lot of difference between movies and books, especially because of the editor and screenplay there is no difference between an audiobook and reading a paperback because the dialogues and text areas same in audiobooks as it is in the paperback.

Can We Count Audiobooks as Reading
Can We Count Audiobooks as Reading

Some prefer reading an actual book over an audiobook just because of the experience they gain from reading the words, highlighting a few sentences, writing annotations, and more. An audiobook is a good option since one can listen to it while walking, exercising, doing the dishes, and more but listening is different from reading.

Some on the other hand believe reading is about processing the meaning of the spoken or heard words; it is about imagining and comprehending the lines. It is reading even if you just hear it. However, it thoroughly depends on the concentration of the person. As we write while getting dictated, we listen to what the person is saying but the only way to write properly is to hear them discreetly. Of course, it does not match the technical definition of reading but the fact is to get hold of the words that are being said or read. You are taking the words in a different format and nevertheless, it is supremely significant and beneficial for the ones who are visually challenged.

Can We Count Audiobooks as Reading
Can We Count Audiobooks as Reading

One can go through it all over again and find minor details in a short amount of time, which is very useful for students. It is considered as an alternative of holding a book for hours for a few days and finally finishing it. Some believe that to memorize lines you need to read them out loud, while reading books we tend to read them mentally and not out loud, but that is what audiobooks do for us, which is why it could be very functional for students who would want to memorize a book. Although audiobooks do not provide the privilege of reading each word line by line, visually but it does offer the aspect of imagining the interpreted words, which is essential reading. So, audiobooks could be considered as reading.

I believe we would always receive a subjective answer out of this debatable question because one cannot conclude if reading each word line by line sitting in front of a study table while running on the Pomodoro timer would help or someone reading for them through an audiobook while they are meditating or walking could be more useful.

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