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Books That Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Sister

Books That Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Sister

Books That Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Sister

Sisters are perhaps the most underappreciated people in the world. We make cards for Mother’s Day, write poems for Father’s Day and put in the mightiest effort to make a lover feel special on Valentine’s Day. Sisters somehow get forgotten. Although we may fight like raccoons with them over the TV remote and AC temperature, there is no denying that we love them fiercely. Take this article as your cue to make your sister feel loved and buy her a book that celebrates the bond of sisterhood. We have created a list of books that are the perfect gifts for your sister.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Books That Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Sister
Books That Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Sister (1)

The OG novel about sisters, this classic tells the story of the four young women of the March family – Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth. As the sisters traverse life and face its troubles – from the civil war to the conflict between personal ambition and family responsibility – their bond strengthens. Through everything, good or bad, these sisters have each other’s backs. Despite their strikingly different personalities, they have nothing but love for each other. This book is an ode to the eternal bond of sisterhood and the perfect gift for your sister.

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen


The second classic on our list is by the Queen of Women’s Relationships herself. Austen’s writing gives voice to the tender sentiments of a patriarchal era that otherwise would have remained unheard. This novel in specific is the touching story of two sisters, Marianne and Elinor who are completely opposite of each other. The novel follows their journey as they find love, and disappointment and work towards personal fulfilment in a materialistic and patriarchal world. What better gift for your sister than a book that’s boldly endearing and subtly empowering?

Sisters First: Stories From Our Wild and Wonderful Life by Jenna Bush Heger and Barbara Piece Bush

Books That Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Sister
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This memoir of the fraternal twins of US president George Bush is not a political novel but the story of an intimate family. It’s not just humorous and heartwarming, but also a celebration of sisterhood in its truest sense. It shows that the bonds of sisters transcend power, politics and status. It’s a bond that’s forged through times, tough and joyous, spent together. And if you want to gift your twin (or otherwise) sister a book that commemorates your love for her, this is the one for you.

All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews


This is a stunning exploration of the lengths that people you love (sisters, in specific) can go to protect you and save you. In this story of the siblings Elfrieda and Yolanda, Elf is successful, glamorous and suicidal. Yoli is chaotic, unsure yet hopeful. As Yoli tries to keep her own and Elf’s life together, an intimate saga of love, grief and hope comes alive. If you want to silently tell your sister that you would do absolutely anything to make her happier, this is the book you should turn to.

Mischling by Affinity Konar

Books That Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Sister
Books That Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Sister (5)

This story of identical twins separated during the world war is heartbreakingly beautiful.  It talks of a family forced to relocate to Auschwitz in 1944 and the subsequent estrangement of the twins due to Dr Mengele and his ‘zoo’. Why is this book on our list? It will leave your sister crying in the night because the book tore her heart to pieces but she couldn’t stop reading it. But the first call she makes in the morning will be to you.

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy


This critically acclaimed and beloved novel is the winner of the Man Booker Prize. With its weird ideas and stunningly unique prose style, at the heart of this novel are two twins. Estha and Rahel have been inseparable since childhood, with a connection that transcends blood and speech. However when a tragedy shatters their lives and tears them apart. their lives are changed forever. This book is devastating but impactful. If you feel like your sister is a part of you, and think of you both as the same entity, this book will put into words what you can’t.

Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah

Books That Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Sister
Books That Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Sister (7)

Fate brings together the two sisters Meghann and Claire after two years of separation owing to a disastrous decision Meghann made. As they try to reconcile with their past and come to terms with what happened, they navigate the meaning of the word ‘family’ and assign new dimensions to it. Moreover, there’s an abundance of romance to keep you swooning. A riveting book that keeps you rooting for the main characters till the end, your sister would definitely appreciate you more after reading this one!

These Feathered Flames by Alexander Overy


Slated for release on the 20th of April, this book’s the newest addition to our list. In this fantasy novel, Overy retells the Russian folktale ‘Firebird.’ The novel is the story of twins born to the Queen of Tourin who are separated at a young age. One stays back at the court and the other goes to their mysterious aunt ‘Firebird’ so that they’re both trained in different ways. Their training put together, they form a whole from their two halves and are the perfect ruling power. But when the untimely death of the Queen interrupts the training, they must unite and rule the world. This empowering story of two sisters is a great gift for your sister.

The Grammarians by Cathleen Schine

Books That Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Sister
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A quirky yet poignant comedy of manners, this novel is the story of the identical twins Lauren and Daphne. But it’s more too – it’s a meditation on language and its fluidity. It’s also inadvertently a debate on structured versus free-flowing language, and whether grammar gives form and shape to language or restricts it. The inseparable sisters are staunchly divided in their opinions on the same, and it leads to a crack in their relationship. What ensues is an intimate, humorous yet reflective read that would make a wonderful gift for your sister.

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