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Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation

Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation

As the world of literature continues to evolve, the adaptation of books into movies has become increasingly popular. Not only does it provide a new medium for the story to be told, but it also allows for a wider audience to experience and enjoy the book. There are many books that have been published in the 2022 that have the potential to be adapted into incredible movies. From gripping dramas to thought-provoking science fiction, these books offer rich and diverse stories that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Here are the list of top books of 2022 that deserve a movie adaptation.

The Overnight Guest (Heather Gudenkauf)

Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation - The Overnight Guest (by Heather Gudenkauf)
Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation – The Overnight Guest (Heather Gudenkauf)

True crime author, Wylie Lark, is content being stuck in a secluded farmhouse where she’s gone to write her next book. It would be idyllic, if not for the fact that it was the site of a double murder and a missing girl decades ago. As the snowstorm intensifies, Wylie is trapped in the house, tormented by the secrets that it holds, as well as her own past. But things take a turn when she discovers a child lost in the snow outside and brings the kid inside for safety. Wylie begins to investigate but soon realizes that the farmhouse isn’t as cut off from the world as she believed and someone is willing to stop at nothing to find them.

Anthem (Noah Hawley)

Anthem (by Noah Hawley)
Anthem (Noah Hawley)

A strange phenomenon is affecting teenagers across America, communicated through mysterious memes only they can understand. At the Float Anxiety Abatement Center in a Chicago suburb, Simon Oliver is trying to cope with his sister’s tragic death. He escapes to join Louise and The Prophet on a journey that is both pressing and enigmatic. They are headed to find a man known as The Wizard, who had a past encounter with Louise that contributed to her own downfall. Along the way they team up with a man whose sister is being held captive by the Wizard, impregnated and locked in a tower.

Noah Hawley’s new novel is a thrilling adventure that shines a light on dark corners. The characters are vivid and memorable, and the plot moves as fast as a film. It has the spirit of Vonnegut’s work and the timeless appeal of a Grimm’s fairy tale. It delves into the unique rhythm of the American experience, written with Hawley’s characteristic bravado, literary power, and imaginative vision that makes him one of the most important authors of our time.

This Woven Kingdom (Tahereh Mafi)

Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation - This Woven Kingdom (by Tahereh Mafi)
Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation – This Woven Kingdom (Tahereh Mafi)

To the outside world, Alizeh is nothing more than a low-level servant, but in reality she is the rightful heir to a powerful Jinn kingdom that has been in hiding for generations. Kamran, the crown prince, has heard the prophecy that predicts the downfall of his father’s rule, but he never imagined that a common servant girl with strange eyes, whom he can’t stop thinking about, will one day be the cause of it.

This is the first book in a new fantasy trilogy from Tahereh Mafi, bestselling author, and National Book Award finalist, perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Tomi Adeyemi, and Sabaa Tahir. With an exciting world, compelling characters and an intriguing plot, this series is sure to captivate readers.

The Spanish Love Deception (Elena Armas)

The Spanish Love Deception (by Elena Armas)
The Spanish Love Deception (Elena Armas)

Catalina Martín finds herself in a predicament as she needs a date to attend her sister’s wedding, due to a previous lie she had told about having an American boyfriend, which now everyone is anticipating to meet. With only four weeks to find someone to accompany her to Spain and pretend to be her boyfriend, she realizes the task will be difficult and her large family will be hard to deceive.

Just when she’s about to give up, her colleague Aaron Blackford, a tall, good-looking but conceited man, unexpectedly offers to assist her. Despite her initial reluctance to accept his offer as she finds him incredibly annoying, as the date of the wedding approaches, Aaron becomes her best option. To her surprise, she discovers that he might not be as unbearable as she had initially believed.

A Magic Steeped in Poison (Judy I. Lin)

Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation - A Magic Steeped in Poison (Judy I. Lin)
Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation – A Magic Steeped in Poison (Judy I. Lin)

For Ning, nothing is more heart-wrenching than the loss of her mother, and the fact that it was caused by her own actions only adds to her pain. She had unknowingly made the poisoned tea that resulted in her mother’s death and now poses a threat to her sister Shu’s life as well.

Upon learning of a competition to find the kingdom’s most skilled shennong-shi, who are adept at the ancient and magical art of tea-making, Ning travels to the imperial city to take part in it. The winner will be granted a favor by the princess, which may be the only way for Ning to save her sister.

As she contends with ruthless competitors, political machinations, and a mysterious yet handsome boy with a shocking secret, Ning comes to the realization that her own life might also be in peril.

The Atlas Six (Olivie Blake)

The Atlas Six (by Olivie Blake)
The Atlas Six (Olivie Blake)

The Alexandrian Society is a secret organization of highly accomplished and exceptional magicians, recognized as the best in the world. Its members are custodians of knowledge that was lost from the greatest ancient civilizations and those who are accepted among them will experience a life of wealth, power, and prestige beyond their wildest dreams. Every decade, six of the most uniquely talented magicians in the world are selected for initiation.

When the chosen candidates are approached by the enigmatic Atlas Blakely, they are informed that they must spend one year together to be eligible for initiation. During this period, they will have access to society’s archives and be evaluated based on their contributions to various fields of arcane knowledge. Only five of them will be initiated, one will be eliminated. If they can demonstrate themselves to be the best, they will be able to survive the initiation process. However, for most of them, it will be a challenging task.

The Lies I Tell (Julie Clark)

Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation - The Lies I Tell (by Julie Clark)
Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation – The Lies I Tell (Julie Clark)

Meg Williams, Maggie Littleton, Melody Wilde, different names for the same person, depending on the place and job she is in. She’s a master of disguise, a con artist who alters her identity to become whoever her target needs her to be- a college student, a life coach, or a real estate agent. Nothing about her is authentic. She blends in with those around her, manipulating them into believing whatever she wants them to, and by the time she’s done, they’ve likely lost everything.

Kat Roberts has been waiting for a decade for the woman who ruined her life to resurface. Now that she has, Kat is resolved to expose her. But as their relationship deepens, Kat’s long-held beliefs begin to falter, leaving her to question who Meg’s true target is.

The Lost Metal (Brandon Sanderson)

The Lost Metal (by Brandon Sanderson)
The Lost Metal (Brandon Sanderson)

For years, Waxillium Ladrian, a former frontier lawman turned big-city senator, has been on the hunt for the secretive organization known as the Set. His uncle and sister were among their leaders and the group has been known for abducting people with Allomancy in their bloodlines. When Detective Marasi Colms and her partner, Wayne, uncover a cache of weapons bound for the outer city of Bilming, this leads to a new investigation. The ongoing conflict between the capital, Elendel, and the outer cities only benefits the Set, and they now seem to have infiltrated the Elendel Senate. Elendel’s corruption has been a long-time focus for Wax and his wife, Steris, and it seems now Bilming is also involved.

After discovering a new type of explosive that could cause unprecedented destruction, Wax comes to realize that the Set must already have it. An immortal kandra, serving Scadrial’s god, Harmony, reveals that Bilming has fallen under the influence of another god, Trell, worshipped by the Set. But Trell isn’t the only force at play from the larger Cosmere, Marasi is recruited by offworlders with strange abilities who claim that their goal is to protect Scadrial…at any cost.

The Poison Season (Mara Rutherford)

Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation - The Poison Season (by Mara Rutherford)
Books of 2022 That Deserve a Movie Adaptation – The Poison Season (Mara Rutherford)

Leelo has grown up on the island of Endla, living in harmony with the deadly Forest and respecting the poisonous lake that protects her home from outside invaders who seek to destroy it. Despite her love for her community, she struggles to accept that her younger brother will be exiled by his next birthday, unless he gains the magic of enchanted song, which is vital to Endla.

When Leelo sees a young outsider on the brink of drowning in the lake, she knows what she is supposed to do. However, in a moment that will change everything, Leelo betrays her family, best friend and Endla by making a shocking decision.

If her actions are discovered, it could lead to dire consequences for both Leelo and the outsider, Jaren. But as they grow closer, Leelo realizes that not all danger comes from beyond the lake. They can only survive if Leelo is willing to question the foundations of her society, her people, and herself.

The Secret Society of Salzburg (Renee Ryan)

The Secret Society of Salzburg (by Renee Ryan)
The Secret Society of Salzburg (Renee Ryan)

In 1933 London, Elsa Mayer-Braun, an Austrian opera singer, and Hattie Featherstone, a young English typist, seemingly have nothing in common. However, as their paths cross, the two form an unlikely bond and together, they establish a secret organization with the goal of rescuing as many Jews as possible from Nazi persecution.

As the war escalates, their network comes under threat, but their actions catch the attention of the British government, providing new opportunities to sabotage the German efforts. Elsa’s increasing fame as Hitler’s favorite opera singer and her hidden Jewish ancestry make her both an asset and a target. Her future becomes uncertain, but her friendship with Hattie and the power of their secret organization give her the courage to save countless lives. From the opulent stages of Covent Garden and Salzburg to the atrocities of Bergen-Belsen, these two seemingly ordinary women find themselves in the midst of war, uncovering an extraordinary friendship.

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