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best debut authors of July 2021

Best Debut Authors of July 2021

July has been a wondrous month for the book community – authors have experimented and given us a hots of stories and characters to love. Debut authors, too, have ventured out of their comfort zones to give us a treat for our minds. There are powerful pieces of literary fiction, adult fiction and contemporary fiction that came from debut authors this month. Here’s a compilation of our best debut authors of July 2021.

Carolyn Ferrell

Ferrell is an American author who made a prolific entry into the author community with her book Dear Miss Metropolitan. She has previously been a part of several anthologies, where she contributed short stories but this is her first novel stint. The book revolves around a trio who gets abducted and goes unnoticed by the newspaper columnist across the street. When two of the three girls are released, they try to piece together what happened to the third and why no one noticed.

Rachel Yoder

Yoder is the furiously original author of Nightbitch, which revolves around a recent mother who comes to believe that she is a dig at night time. Full of deadpan humour and profound insights on motherhood and loneliness, this book has stolen our heart. And the author, more so.

Cassie Gustafson

Cassie is the YA author of After The Ink Dries, and an adventurous traveller, Halloween addict and archer in her free time. She holds an MFA in Writing for Young Adults from the Hollins University, and her second book comes out for this fall. Her debut novel revolves around a girl whose friends persuade her to get drunk, which has disastrous consequences including loss of memory and rape.

Emily Austin

Emily entered the writing scene with her debut Everyone ‘In This Room Will Someday Be Dead’. She is fearless as a person, and as a writer, for she has broken several boundaries with this book following an atheist lesbian who starts working as a church receptionist.

Best Debut Authors of July 2021
Best Debut Authors of July 2021

Carole Hopson

The interesting thing about this author is that she is actually a pilot by profession. Indeed, she flies a Boeing 737 for the United Airlines. She’s the first officer, and in her newest book she chronicles the story of another brilliant aviatrix Bessie Coleman. The book is titled ‘A Pair of Wings’.

Willa Richards

Willa has written several short story pieces and essays that have featured in esteemed publications like The Paris Review. She is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshops and her debut novel is ‘The Comfort of Monsters’. She has received several prizes for emerging writers, and we can see her among the top new writers of our times.

Will Burns

Will Burns is essentially a poet, and that reflects in his soulful prose of his debut novel, ‘The Paper Lantern’. The Observer mentioned him in their list of Top 10 Debut Novelists of 2021. He has released several poetry anthologies, which wonderful artists like Hannah Peel have set to music. In fact, the duo toured around the world, with a lot of shows selling out due to their combined calibre.

Kelly McClorey

Kelly holds an MFA in from the University of Montana. Her debut novel is titled ‘Nobody, Somebody, Anybody’ and follows Amy, an English chambermaid. Kelly with this book has proved her mastery of the English language, and her command over seemingly difficult narrative structures. She is one debutant to watch out for.

Jennifer Nissley

Nissley is the author of ‘The Mythic Koda Rose’ which has blown away everyone’s heart. Apart from being a writer, she is also a horse rider, video gamer and animal lover. She obtained her MFA from Stony Brook Southampton and lives in the Queens.

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