Heaven for book lovers – BOOK FAIRS! I am sure if you have opened this article then you are a book lover and you enjoy the companion of a book in your hand or your house. In this article, we are going to read about the 6 best book fairs in the world. If you look it up, I bet you would want to pay a visit, cause same here.

Frankfurt Book Fair

This is the world’s largest trade fair based on the number of publishing companies represented, and the number of visitors. This fair is considered one of the most significant book fairs in the globe for international trading and deals. This five-day event is held in mid-October in the Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The first three days of the fair are strictly just for the professionals and not for the public. The public gets to visit the fair only during the weekends. Above 286,000 visitors took part in the fair in the year 2017.

best book fairs in the world
Best book fairs in the world

Guadalajara International Book Fair

This fair is better known as FIL, coming from the Spanish language. This is the second-largest book fair in the world after The Frankfurt Book Fair and the largest book fair in the Americas. In the Spanish –speaking world this is the most significant cultural annual event. The purpose of the fair is to provide the right environment for the exhibitors and book-industry professionals and for the keen readers to pick up recent entries and meet their favourite writers.

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

This annual book fair held in Abu Dhabi provides a platform where agents, booksellers, publishers, press, and cultural organizations can meet, talk about new ideas and identify fresh business opportunities. Since the year 2007, this book fair is conducted by KITAB, which is a joint venture between the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage. It brings together the international publishing communities. It also hosts events as a part of its ongoing cultural and professional program.

best book fairs in the world
Best book fairs in the world

BookExpo America

It is an annual book trade fair in the United States. It is always almost always held in a major and popular city for over four days during early June or late May. Almost all the important book publishers in the US and several from abroad have exhibits and booths at BookExpo America. They utilize this trade fair as an opportunity to exhibit upcoming titles, socialize with colleagues of other publishing houses, sell current books, and sell or buy subsidiary and international rights.

London Book Fair

This is a large book-publishing trade fair, which is annually held usually during April, in London, England. It is a global marketplace for the negotiation of rights and the distribution and sale of content across audio, TV, print, film and digital channels. The Market Focus program displays one particular region or country each year to put the spotlight on publishing trade associations with the territory. Some of the countries that have been a part of the Market Focus are India, South Korea, the Arab world, Russia, Turkey, China, Mexico, Poland, and more.

New Delhi World Book Fair

After Kolkata Book Fair, this book fair is the oldest in India. It is hosted at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. It was inaugurated in the year 1972 by V.V. Giri, then President of India. This annual book fair takes place during the winter season and is organized by NBT (National Book Trust) in association with ITPO (India Trade Promotion Organization. India is the third biggest market for English publications with almost 12k publishers that publish about 90k titles per year in over 18 languages.

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