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Best Audiobooks of July 2021 That You Should Listen

By Sakshi Nadkarni

Audiobooks are gaining popularity with passing time. Its mainly because of the fact that it can be listened while doing other works as well. Here is a comprehensive list of best audiobooks of July 2021 that you should definitely watch out for!

Dear Miss Metropolitan by Carolyn Ferrell

Best Audiobooks of July 2021

This novel is the story of three abducted women kept hidden in a Queens house. Across the street lives ‘Miss Metropolitan’, a newspaper columnist who gives advice to people all over the town. However, even this nosy journalist never gets any hunch of the horror story unfolding so close to her, and years later, only two of the three victims are freed. The two girls, while trying to adapt to a new life and deal with their trauma, also attempt to decipher these two mysteries plaguing their conscience. Plus, Bahni Turpin’s suspenseful narration elevates the book to a whole new level.

Falling by T J Newman

Best Audiobooks of July 2021

This thriller follows a plane ride, where all the passengers are blissfully unaware that the pilot’s family was kidnapped and he must kill them to rescue his family. This book is one hell of a ride, and Stephen Weber’s narration is the cherry on top.

Trejo by Danny Trejo with Donal Logue

Best Audiobooks of July 2021

The author himself narrates this powerful memoir, and increases its urgency, intensity and impact all the more. The story itself is empowering – the actor’s life of crime, imprisonment and redemption – but the audiobook makes lends to it an intimacy that all memoirs benefit from.

Goldenrod by Maggie Smith

Best Audiobooks of July 2021

This slim collection of poetry is award winning poet Maggie’s ode to parenthood, loce, loss and feminineness. There are also a few pieces on modern America, nature, memory and solitude. Smith’s poetry is like walking on clouds – but her punches ensure that you fall into the abyss every once a while. Plus, her voice as she narrates them will transport you into a whole new world.

Any Way The Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell

Best Audiobooks of July 2021

In this third installation of the Simon Snow series, Simon, Baz, Penelope and Agatha take off from the cliffhanger in the second book. Simon faces a difficult choice between his date in the World of Mages and its repercussions on his relationship with Baz. Baz, meanwhile navigates the choppy waters of his family relationships and struggles with his vampire identity. Penelope is evading the law by smuggling an illegal Americal immigrant and Agatha is also lost in her own problem. Narrated by Euan Morton, this book is a quick, homely listen.

Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder

Best Audiobooks of July 2021

The plot of this book is out of the world. To put it in a sentence – an ambitious artist decides to give up her job to become a homemaker mother, and somehow ends up believing that she is a dog. A literary fiction imbued with magical realism, this follows the mother’s life as she struggles to keep her canine identity secret from the world. In the process, she discovers other mothers who also have magic backgrounds and are involved in a marketing scheme. Cassandra Campbell’s powerful and humorous narration complements the tone and theme perfectly and also engrosses the reader.

The Comfort Book by Matt Haigh

Best Audiobooks of July 2021

Matt Haig started writing this book years ago, in the form of encouraging and hopeful notes to his future troubled self. Now, he has published this collection of pages that embodies hope and assurance for the whole world. Haig’s book is exactly what its title suggests – a source of inexplicable comfort for those going through tough times. And his voice as he narrates it is even more comforting, if that is possible.

Stories to Tell by Richard Marx

Best Audiobooks of July 2021

The wonderful musician Marx has come out with his very own autobiography – a chronicling of his extraordinary life and career. Here he details every phase of his life, making his readers and listeners privy to a life well lived. The audiobook is told in his obviously musical, lyrical voice, and lulls you into a world of possibility and intrigue.

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