English is not just a language. With time the language has transformed into a sign of elitism and prestige. However, when it comes to career choices people often have no idea what to opt for completion of their grads in English Literature. Nowadays many consider English Literature as just another transitional Graduation degree which has no stand alone significance in the market. But if you are an English Literature Graduate, you don’t need to worry because we have listed 7 Career choices for English Literature Graduates.

Copy Editor

The first on our list is copy editor. The job profile for a copy editor’s work requires good command over a language (here we are only discussing about English language). Work of a copy editor is to revise all the written work (copy) and check if there are any grammatical or spelling errors in the written copy. A copy editor also needs to edit, rephrase stuff to make the copy more readable. An English Literature graduate is a perfect candidate for this role. 

7 Career Choices for English Literature Graduates
7 Career Choices for English Literature Graduates

Media Relations

Our second pick is Media Relations. The second pick of our list may surprise many. But English Literature Grads can contribute well in this field. Nowadays media relations is all about press releases, mails. In the internet era the importance of mails, press releases have increased drastically. Even social events and meets are decided by online communication modes like mails. Now networking too happens via communication tools. For all this one needs command of the language, in both spoken and written form. These traits makes an  English Literature graduate an efficient candidate for this field. 

Research Assistant

Next on the list is Research Assistant. The primary work of a research assistant is to collect data, do analysis and compilation & formatting of reports. A Research Assistant also needs to perform several other important duties like summarizing the findings of the research project into a compact presentation which is future delivered to the senior executives. This job also requires a bit of technical knowledge, but you worry because it can be learnt in the process.

7 Career Choices for English Literature Graduates
7 Career Choices for English Literature Graduates

Technical Writer

Technical Writer is another suitable job profile for the English Literature Grads. Have you ever wondered who writes product literature and instruction manuals on products (like electronic items). A technical writer’s job is to work with bulks of complicated information. And is required to make them readable & understandable for an average consumer.


The work of Paralegals is to support lawyers in their work. The primary work of Paralegals is drafting documents, creating organizational systems, performing research, calling on legal witnesses and maintaining files. They also need to perform research, writing legal documents and collaborating with their colleagues is also an important aspect of their job profile. This is the reason Paralegals  are often referred to as legal assistants.

Content Writing 

A popular job choice for many English Literature Graduates is Content Writing. As the work of a content writer requires a good command of the language. The job profile also requires a good vocabulary and decent writing skills. This makes Content Writing one of the most popular choices amongst the English Literature Grads.

7 Career Choices for English Literature Graduates
7 Career Choices for English Literature Graduates


This is perhaps the most obvious and known choice. A teacher’s job or work is something that comes in our mind when we think about an English Literature Graduate. Teaching has been considered as one of the most noble and respectable professions for ages. However, over the years the financial aspect of the profession has been a bit questionable. This is the reason that at times people look down on this job profile and even consider it a ‘Job for jobless’. But that isn’t true at all, at least in today’s time. In Today’s time education is one of the main priorities for people and they don’t hesitate to invest heavily in studies & education. The sector has seen a great rise in recent years. Now this job profile has both respect and a high remuneration. 

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