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5 Things Every Book Lover Does | Things Bookworms Can Relate To

5 Things Every Book Lover Does | Things Bookworms Can Relate To

Book lovers are fiercely passionate about their books. They are also quirky, almost weird, when it comes to books. A non-bibliophile may never understand just how readers’ minds function. For one, book lovers’ heads are full of books. They spend a majority of time wakeful time thinking, or wistfully wondering about books. And when they’re asleep, well then, they’re probably dreaming about books. Basically, books occupy a lot of their headspace. Here are 5 things every book lover does are things bookworms can relate to.

Buying books mindlessly

Reading a book is really not enough for book lovers – they must own it, possess it, get the right to read it and run their hands through it any time they want. This is what makes book lovers buy books mindlessly, without a care about any number of unread books they may have at home. Every time they see an interesting book, they’re at the billing counter – even if they have a million books waiting to be read at home. And sometimes they’ll even buy multiple editions of a book – maybe a particularly attractive cover, or maybe a favourite book. Book lovers can be really stingy otherwise, but they’re usually not very financially smart when it comes to books.

5 Things Every Book Lover Does | Things Bookworms Can Relate To
5 Things Every Book Lover Does | Things Bookworms Can Relate To

Noticing and having strong feelings about changes in adaptations

The fact the Ginny was shown in the Harry Potter movies as an arm candy to Harry without any personal character while the books fledge her out to be a smart, ambitious, courageous woman? Book lovers will rant about it all day long. The fact that a Game of Thrones completely changed the plotline? Don’t even as a book lover about it. Book lovers take their books seriously and personally. When they love a book, they feel for it fiercely and protect and defend it like a crazy person. So when other artists don’t give the book the honour it deserves, it irks book lovers to no extent.

Daydreaming about fictional characters in plots

Don’t tell me you’ve never dreamed about Edward from Twilight, drooled over Augustus from TFIOS or played out an Agatha Christie mystery in your head while your Math professor went on about linear equations. That’s exactly the kind of thing book lovers do. They fall in love with characters and worlds in a book. And then they spend time elaborately charting put scenes and sequences with those characters in it. Sometimes they even involve themselves in the scene, pretending to be a part of the story. Tip: do not disturb them when they’re doing this, in interest of your physical and mental health.

Spending every free wakeful moment reading

Like I said, book lovers spend an uncannily ginormous amount of their cognitive resources – time, attention, effort, love, energy – on books. Books occupy almost all wakeful moments of their lives, especially their favourite ones. There are no excuses of ‘I don’t have time’ for real book lovers. They spend every moment of their free time reading, or thinking about reading. Having breakfast? They’ll read a quick paragraph or two. Break between two Lectures? Time to get that book out. Family watching TV? Nah, they’ll just crib about the volume and sit there with a book.

5 Things Every Book Lover Does | Things Bookworms Can Relate To
5 Things Every Book Lover Does | Things Bookworms Can Relate To

Giving book references to EVERYONE, even non-readers

This is perhaps the most annoying thing about book lovers. They will make random book references that no one but people from their fandom will understand or appreciate. For example, they’ll randomly say things like ‘Yo why’s Prof XYZ being a Snape’. Or, ‘I wish I could Accio motivation this Monday morning. And everyone else who doesn’t read will just be cluelessly standing there, wonder what the heck this human means by that.

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