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5 reasons to do hard task early

5 Reasons to do Hard Task Early

Scheduling is a very important part of anyone’s life. One should have a rough timetable of their day as it gives you a direction in which you should go about your day. However, there are many things on a schedule, and some of them are very difficult and annoying to get through, but it is also necessary to get done with those first. Here are 5 reasons to do hard task early.

Use Your Energy Wisely

The difficult tasks often take up so much time and energy. Even if you have scheduled one at a specific time, there are chances that it may take you longer to get it done. It also ends up causing a substantial amount of mental strain. Throughout the day or the week, there is at least one such task that you avoid doing first, or dislike very much that you keep pushing. For example, it could be something as simple as asking a professor for something. While it does not consume numerous time, it takes up mental energy to prepare yourself to reach the professor and ask them for help. You may keep on avoiding this task due to the fear of being rejected by them, or so on, but the more you delay it, the less beneficial it is for you. Hence, you should get done with it immediately, so you have the mental energy and strength to maintain with the rest of your work.

5 Reasons to do Hard Task Early
5 Reasons to do Hard Task Early

Reduce Procrastination

Imagine this, you are riding a bicycle and there is a huge slope ahead to cross. At first many times, you may avoid going through that slope entirely because there is numerous work involved in going through it. This causes you to miss out on the short way home. That slope can be a difficult task that you keep on avoiding. This leads to more time being wasted on doing something unimportant, or nothing at all. Just like the slope, once you get through the tough task, your day becomes so much easier, as you will be much closer to finishing up your work. If there is something hard and difficult on your list of things to do, you will try to dodge that by engaging your time in something less important and more useless than the thing that is required to be done. Once you get through with it, the rest of the work will be done quickly.

Get Better at Future Tasks

When you are working on something that is difficult and hard, it will require a substantial amount of your patience, energy, time, and skills. You will have to be focused on it completely to understand and know what is going on, and to do the thing right. This will require more energy and skill as compared to the other tasks. So, once you are done with the hard part, you can be a little bit relaxed. Once you get the most stressful, time-consuming, and exhausting part out of the way from your schedule, then you will be left with smaller and simpler tasks. Your mind will assume that those will take the same amount of efforts, but instead they will go by faster and easier. When that happens, it positively reinforces your brain and you feel the rush to do more things more efficiently. What this does is, once the big obstacle is out of the way, you find it easy to push through the rest, as they only appear like small pebbles.

5 Reasons to do Hard Task Early
5 Reasons to do Hard Task Early

Don’t get caught by The Planning Fallacy

The Planning Fallacy was a term first coined by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. It is a scientific, or psychological phenomenon that suggests that we tend to assign less time to certain tasks and things due to the optimism that we can do these tasks in a minimal and small amount of time. This happens because we overestimate ourselves and our ability to do certain things. The Planning Fallacy comes into play while scheduling. We make our schedules according to these optimized timings and assume that we will conclude work by then. But numerous times, that does not end up happening, and we end up taking more time for the said task. This puts us behind in the schedule and ruins the rest of the schedule as well. Hence, it is better to leave a few blank spaces of time in your schedule.

Asking For Help

When you are working alone on something, humans have the tendency to keep it themselves and not even share the details about what they are doing. This sometimes happens because people may feel too prideful in doing work themselves, or sometimes people just feel guilty and bad about asking for help from others. But when you ask for help in certain areas, it reduces your overall work. It gives you a little break from taking up all the stress. The help asked does not have to be of doing the entirety of the task, but even just parts of it. For example, if you find yourself stuck at anything in school or college, it is okay to reach the professors and ask for help from there. They might not solve the problem for you, but explain to you the solution well sufficient for you to do it on your own.

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