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5 Most Evil Gods in DC Universe

5 Most Evil Gods in DC Universe

In the vast and ever-expanding cosmos of the DC Universe, there exists a pantheon of gods and cosmic beings that are the embodiment of pure evil. These malevolent deities wield unparalleled power, casting darkness and chaos into every corner of existence. The mere mention of their names sends shivers down the spines of even the bravest heroes, and their insatiable thirst for destruction knows no bounds. As we venture into the heart of darkness, we dare to unveil the 5 most evil gods in DC Universe, whose wickedness sends shockwaves across dimensions and threatens the very fabric of reality.

5 Most Evil Gods in DC Universe


5 Most Evil Gods in DC Universe - Darkseid
5 Most Evil Gods in DC Universe – Darkseid

Darkseid, the powerful and dangerous ruler of Apokolips. Possessing Omega Beams capable of one-shotting Superman and rivaling the Flash’s speed, he also boasts the ability to create dimensional rifts and telepathically communicate across dimensions. This amalgamation of strength, durability, and speed make him a force to be reckoned with. In addition to his personal power, Darkseid commands a demonic army that can challenge the New Gods. As the Justice League’s ultimate foe, the team’s collective strength is required to battle him, but victory is never guaranteed. Although he has the potential to fracture time and space in his true form, Darkseid remains a monster of a god in the multiverse.



Ares, the Olympic god of war from Greek mythology, is a prominent antagonist in DC Comics, frequently clashing with Wonder Woman. This malevolent deity feeds on humanity’s destruction, growing stronger as conflict increases. Ares has relentlessly targeted the Amazons, devising ruthless schemes to annihilate them. In one such instance, he raised armies of children to exploit the Amazons’ reluctance to harm young lives. Ares’ unrelenting evil and cunning ensure his persistence as a formidable foe in the DC universe.

Granny Goodness

5 Most Evil Gods in DC Universe - Granny Goodness
5 Most Evil Gods in DC Universe – Granny Goodness

Granny Goodness, a New God hailing from Apokolips, is infamous for her unwavering loyalty to Darkseid and her innate wickedness. As a key figure in his regime, she specializes in molding young recruits into ruthless warriors through her sinister “Orphanage.” Here, children are subjected to unspeakable torture, manipulation, and abuse, ultimately transforming them into deadly killing machines. Granny Goodness’s twisted devotion to Darkseid’s cause knows no limits, and her evil acts in his name continue to terrorize the universe.



Trigon, the pandimensional demon, confidently conquers universes with unparalleled power. Unfazed by the Phantom Stranger and the Voice of the Presence, he merges with the evil of nearly a hundred galaxies, conquering multiple universes. Possessing resurrection abilities and mastery over inter-universal portals, Trigon demands respect. He remains a force to be reckoned with. A conqueror, not a destroyer or creator, Trigon surpasses Old Gods and most New Gods, making him a formidable entity in a league of his own.


5 Most Evil Gods in DC Universe - Grail
5 Most Evil Gods in DC Universe – Grail

Grail first appeared in Justice League Volume 2 #40 and was created by writer Geoff Johns. Grail, born to New God Darkseid and Amazonian Myrina, wields dual godly powers. Her birth was shadowed by a prophecy of destruction, which she fulfilled with ruthless tenacity. Inherently evil, Grail unleashed terror, annihilating most of the Justice League, summoning the Anti-Monitor, and seizing the Anti-Life Equation. Her uncountable acts of murder and atrocity have left a lasting, sinister mark on the world.

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