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5 Key Law of Attraction Mistakes

5 Key Law of Attraction Mistakes

5 Key Law of Attraction Mistakes

5 Key Law of Attraction Mistakes: Before we get ahead with this article, you must know what the law of attraction is. According to the law of attraction, what is created in our real life is based on vibrational matching frequencies. This means that every similar vibrational frequency will attract each other. Yes, despite the popular concept, this creative world is based on matching frequencies and not on “opposite attracts.” So, you will attract people, places, and environments that have the same vibrational frequency as yours. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the common mistakes of the law of attraction. These are some of the most essential lessons you need to be aware of.

Outcome Control

Though the law of attraction avers that you control your destiny, however, you are not to control the specific details of how it is going to play out. If you are perplexed about the fact that you fall in this category or not – here are a few examples – You say how a work is to be done step-by-step; or, how something went downhill when you planned it all; You talk about how you want your result and more. None of them remain at any constant level of state throughout the day. We alter according to subconscious thoughts, circumstances, conscious thoughts, etc. As a consequence, what we experience in our life is a blend or variation of all those states of frequencies.

Ignoring opportunity is highly associated with outcome control. Since you are so caught up with the perception of how a certain thing should have been. You overlook the opportunity standing on your threshold. Trying to control every phase of a creative process will only cause stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, etc. To get over this, you need to train your mind to have a different thought process, especially your subconscious mind. Because, when you do that you don’t have to repeatedly remind yourself about having a different thought process. Add words that are trusting, allowing, and letting go in your daily affirmations.

5 Key Law of Attraction Mistakes
5 Key Law of Attraction Mistakes

Higher Goals in the Beginning

Most often people seek higher goals after earning about the law of attraction. Some of these goals are having a big mansion, great relationships, becoming affluent, and more. Manifesting an entirely different lifestyle just after learning about the law of attraction is unrealistic. For example, if your present vibrational scale as related to a financial situation is at 20, it is unrealistic to think that it will leap to 80 drastically.

Moreover, very few people can allow a dramatic jump on the vibrational scale. The issue is that people can’t handle this radical change as their mind is not trained in the gradual process of vibrational change. If this happens, you are most likely to go back to the lower vibration state as your mind still consists the deep-rooted low vibrational thoughts. Some of the things that you can work on and create a routine are daily meditation, creating a vision board, laughter, gratitude, and more.

Not Paying Attention about How You Feel

How humans feel is a sign of whether or not they are associated with what we seek for. It is an essential step in the creative process. When they feel bad, their thoughts are out of alignment and when they feel good their thoughts are aligned with the vibrating frequency to that what they truly desire. Unfortunately do not pay attention to this alignment. Humans spend a good amount of time asking for what they want, and the rest of the day they spend on resisting what they want. You need to be mindful of how you are feeling. It is essential to be aware of your feelings only then you can move on from the bad ones and gravitate towards visualizing what you desire.

5 Key Law of Attraction Mistakes
5 Key Law of Attraction Mistakes

Concentrating on the Results Not Appearing

Paying your attention to something that is not happening, and not trusting that it is happening is another common law of attraction mistake. This is closely associated with not being attentive to your feelings. Because, when you are more focused on what is not happening you are most likely to feel bad and be out of alignment. The key is to maintain momentum. You can’t control your subconscious and achieve good vibrations overnight. Just remember that things that you do at the moment will determine your future. So, focus on things that you want to happen. It is certainly challenging but to shift towards your new reality you have to do it.

Trying Too Hard

We are in action-oriented society. Humans are trained to go out and work hard. The unfortunate aspect of this system is that we fail to fathom that alignment is stronger and more significant than action. Let’s take Sisyphus, the greatest example of modern man. His punishment was to push a boulder uphill. We as humans naturally know it is easier to let the boulder roll down the hill. Humans want to be in this state which is easier and possible. I am certain you have had days when nothing worked out and you spent an entire day sulking. This is a sign of being out of alignment because we are taking actions without being in alignment.

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