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5 Greatest Sidekicks in Dc Comics

5 Greatest Sidekicks in Dc Comics

By raising sidekicks to legendary status, DC Comics has produced some of the most recognisable characters in the whole DC universe. Their sidekicks are engaging characters who not only have fascinating backstories of their own but also deepen the characters’ associations with the heroes and villains. Some of these sidekicks have essentially “mantled” their superhero identities. Here are 5 Greatest Sidekicks in Dc Comics. Without the aid of these helpful heroes and helpful criminals, some of our favourite superheroes, supervillains, and those in between wouldn’t have survived as long as they have.


American comic book publisher DC Comics, Inc. is the main division of DC Entertainment, a Warner Bros. Discovery subsidiary. With their first comic book published under the DC label in 1937, one of the biggest and most established American comic book publishers is DC Comics.

Superheroes from DC have existed since the 1930s. They have developed several enduring partnerships over the years, spanning several generations. They have also found sidekicks, frequently more than one, because fighting together is frequently more effective than fighting alone. Regardless of whether a sidekick has special abilities or not, they are a welcome addition to any conflict they enter.

Top 5 Sidekicks in DC Comics

The best and strongest DC sidekicks merit the respect of both readers and their adversaries, regardless of whether they have undergone rigorous training or possess the same set of abilities as their mentors. It would be stupid for any evil, no matter how cunning, to underestimate these individuals.

Red Hood

5 Greatest Sidekicks in Dc Comics - Red Hood
5 Greatest Sidekicks in Dc Comics – Red Hood

Over the years, Batman has had several sidekicks, but Jason Todd’s tale is unquestionably the saddest. Jason came back to life and took on the evil Red Hood after being defeated by the Joker and dying in an explosion.

Red Hood is a very good fighter despite (or maybe because of) his lack of morals. Unlike his former tutor, he is sly, studies his foes before attacking, and has no difficulty killing people. He has a tactical advantage due to all of it.

Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon
5 Greatest Sidekicks in Dc Comics – Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon’s life hasn’t been easy; the Joker shot her, leaving her crippled. Barbara persisted despite this and went on to become the Oracle, a heroine and computer whiz who served as Batgirl to assist other heroes.

Because she was a founding member of the Birds of Prey, Batgirl has much more sway. She is as smart and resilient as Batman, but unlike her previous master, she is also more upbeat. A lot of people respect and admire her.

Roy Harper

5 Greatest Sidekicks in Dc Comics - Roy Harper
5 Greatest Sidekicks in Dc Comics – Roy Harper

Roy Harper, also known as Arsenal, had the best instruction in archery from Oliver Queen, also known as the Green Arrow. In addition to being a skilled archer, Roy is also a skilled fighter who doesn’t give up lightly.

He occasionally suffers from a disadvantage due to his lack of particular abilities. Additionally, he occasionally makes poor decisions as a result of his impulsiveness. Despite this, Roy has frequently proven to be indispensable and was instrumental in the formation of the Teen Titans.


5 Greatest Sidekicks in Dc Comics – Tempest

There are other guardians for the Atlantean realm besides Aquaman. This position is also filled by Tempest, formerly known as Aqualad. He was initially stronger and more resilient than humans, but not even close to Aquaman’s level.

This changed, though, once he discovered Atlantean magic and his abilities increased. Tempest, a superhero who had existed as Aqualad, joined the Titans. It makes sense that Tempest’s influence increased as his abilities grew.


5 Greatest Sidekicks in Dc Comics - Krypto
5 Greatest Sidekicks in Dc Comics – Krypto

Since Krypto is a dog instead of a human-like mostkick, ranking him is challenging. According to the proverb, a dog is a man’s best friend, and Krypto fulfils the category. In addition to being Superman’s devoted buddy, he shares several of the same superpowers with the man of steel.

Krypto, for instance, can fly, has extraordinary strength, and his teeth can bite through steel and other tough materials. He’s hard to harm, which makes him a potent ally. He is the best and most potent DC pet sidekick a hero could wish for as a result.

Bonus Character

Donna Troy

Given that Wonder Woman is undoubtedly one of the most powerful DC superheroes, Donna Troy (also known as Wonder Girl), her sidekick, should be as well. Donna is still extremely powerful, tough, and intelligent despite not being as strong as Diana herself.

She joined the Titans and quickly earned the team’s respect. Fans of this character may have seen her in Titans, a live-action series, but Donna’s abilities there were limited compared to those in the comics.


Who was the initial sidekick for DC?

The first sidekick created by DC was Robin, who debuted just eleven months after Batman. His persona was intended to provide a more jovial contrast to the menacing and grimy dark knight.

Who is the best sidekick for Batman?

1 Grayson, Dick (Robin – Nightwing)

Even though there have been innumerable sidekicks over the history of comic books, most of them have been based on Robin, particularly those from DC Comics, such as Wally West and Roy Harper, two figures Grayson has collaborated with while a member of the Teen Titans.

Who was Batman’s original ally?

Commissioner James Gordon, who is Batman’s buddy in the Gotham City Police Department, made his debut appearance in the same comic book as Batman in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939).

Bottom line

DC Comics has created some of the most recognisable characters in the entire DC world by elevating sidekicks to legendary status. Dynamic individuals with complicated backstories and their sidekicks also add to the depth of the heroes and villains they are linked with.

Some of these sidekicks have even developed superhero “mantles” for themselves. Some of our favourite superheroes, supervillains, and those in between would not have survived as long as they have without these helpful heroes and cooperating criminals.

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