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5 good reasons to learn a foreign language

5 Good Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

5 good reasons to learn a foreign language

Half of the world’s population is bilingual. Our planet has people from several continents, countries, colours, classes, and different languages that are the beauty of the human race. We have diversity. In this article, we are going to read about 5 good reasons to learn a foreign language. If you are looking for a new hobby, a new motivation, or something to make you feel more perfect and intellectual, keep reading.

To Be Proud

Sounds basic? Well, let me tell you it’s not basic. It’s a fact. When you will start learning a new language, maybe not proper tuition but from Duolingo – every time you will complete a streak you will feel proud. Standing in a crowd of 10 people or sitting in a classroom with 25 students and knowing that you can speak another language. Typing your CV and adding French, for instance to the list of languages you can speak. Or, listening to a song and you don’t need to read the translation because you know that foreign language. Will that not make you proud of yourself?

5 Good Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language
5 Good Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

To Train Your Brain

Learning new languages supports academic achievements. It boosts academic achievements at the college level. It helps you to stay focused in the presence of distractions. You will find it easier to communicate and express your thoughts if you know a foreign language. Learning a foreign language can enhance your power to concentrate. It also helps stave off mental ageing and cognitive decline. On this planet of 6,000 spoken languages, rarely but we do need translations so speaking an additional language gives us access to information which would otherwise be off-limits. Also, studies have proved that decisions made in your second language are more logical than the ones made in your native language.

To Make New Friends

Knowledge of a foreign language can benefit you in knowing about different cultures and people of different cultures and countries. It will help you become more open-minded. You can make friends from different countries if you could speak their native language and gain more global exposure. This is a very useful point if you are into travelling or you are planning to move out from your country for academic or professional purposes.

5 Good Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language
5 Good Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

To Boost Your Career Options

Learning a new language could earn you a college degree in a different country which could cost less than the real expenditure. The advantage of knowing a foreign language increases job opportunities. According to research, job opportunities for bilingual speakers in America have doubled in the span of 5 years from 2010 to 2015. Several professions require employees who can talk to people who don’t understand English. 9 out of 10 American employers rely on workers with language skills other than English. And, one in four American employers lost their company due to a lack of language skills. In addition, language skills also lead to increased salaries and hiring bonuses.

To Believe in Yourself

Research has proved that knowing more than one language is associated with better problem-solving skills, better reasoning, the ability to multi-task, and creativity. It also helps to deal with unfamiliar situations. Learning a new language means stepping out of your comfort zone. This naturally gives you the faith to believe in yourself.

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