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5 Golden Disciplines To Make Life Productive

5 Golden Disciplines To Make Life Productive

Many times we may find ourselves in a complex and stressful situation in life. Or just be exhausted with our routine in general. While individual lives a disparate life from the other, there are certain things that can help improve productivity and make things a lot smoother. Here are the 5 Golden Disciplines to make life productive and a little easier to go through.

Get Up at 5 o’Clock

5 Golden Disciplines - Get Up at 5 o'Clock
5 Golden Disciplines – Get Up at 5 o’Clock

Waking up early has proven beneficial in many ways to many people across the world. There are many studies that suggest that the human mind works better during the day. So waking up a little extra early can give you more of those productive hours in a day. On average, an individual’s day starts at 8 AM or 7 AM at the earliest. Waking up at 5 AM can give you at least two to three hours to spend by yourself. You can spend that time exercising, meditating, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or going to a garden and sitting there for a while. This will also help you refresh yourself for your day ahead and give a head start on your morning routine.

30 Minutes Exercise

30 Minutes Exercise
5 Golden Disciplines – 30 Minutes Exercise

Right from a very young age, it is taught that the body needs some amount of physical activity throughout the day. It helps keep the body moving and active. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise is a must, and it should be done at least five times a week. This, however, is a minimum limit. Exercise, the more it is done, the better. There are various types and forms of exercise that exist. Not all forms work for everyone, so you also have the opportunity to curate a routine for yourself that you can follow and switch up every now and then as per your preference.

Exercising regularly can help reduce stress, and some major chronic health issues, it keeps your joints, bones, and muscles healthy, and has a great benefit to your mental health. If you find any struggle in doing any form of exercise, it is best to stop doing that and talk to your doctor about it. Joining a gym or yoga, aerobics, and Zumba class can also create a healthy practice of exercising regularly as you commit to these classes by signing up for a membership and paying fees. It can also help you socialize with people around you and make new friends.

Read Books for 15 Minutes in a Day

5 Golden Disciplines - Read Books for 15 Minutes in a Day
5 Golden Disciplines – Read Books for 15 Minutes in a Day

Books are a great source of gaining knowledge and they are very fun to read as well if you pick the right book according to your taste. It will help improve your vocabulary and improve your talking and communication skills by bettering your language. Getting into the habit of reading also helps better your focus and attention. As there is nothing much in a book to be distracted by, it may be difficult to engage in it completely at first. But once a habit is developed, it becomes difficult to stop reading. Similar to exercising, 15 minutes is just a minimum reading time limit.

You can read for as long as you want in a day as long as it does not disturb other important things in your schedule. Another way of getting into reading is to assign different genres or different authors to different days of the week, or have a monthly theme of reading, among other examples. A change regularly will help switch up regularly and help with staleness at any point in time.

15 minutes of planning for the day

15 minutes of planning for the day
5 Golden Disciplines – 15 minutes of planning for the day

For a day to be successful, it needs to be planned in advance. Usually, there are numerous things that one has to accomplish in a single day. And the day might get scattered and messy if it is not planned ahead and well. Planning does not necessarily indicate that everything should happen according to a set time, or during a deadline, but it can simply be listing down tasks in chronological order of when you would complete them as the day goes by. Although, making a time-oriented structural schedule can also prove to be extremely helpful.

Apart from that, you can also make a list of things in the order of how important they are, so the most important ones are listed on top. That way, you can do them on per priority basis and get important work out of the way in the morning first, so you have the rest of the day to do more simple and less important tasks. Planning and scheduling help you give a direction to your day so you know what are the various things that need to be done each day.

Reflect Your Day At The End Of the Day

5 Golden Disciplines - Reflect Your Day At The End Of the Day
5 Golden Disciplines – Reflect Your Day At The End Of the Day

Going through and looking back at the day at the end of it gives you a chance to look back and see what are the things that you accomplished in the day and what were the things you missed. It gives you the opportunity to ask yourself about how productive your day was, and how you felt about it. Even if there were points where you feel that you could have done better or improved on your schedule, you can fix those mistakes and shortcomings the next day. Doing this helps in improving your overall performance.

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