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5 Common Causes of Workplace Conflict

5 Common Causes of Workplace Conflict

Effective management in the workplace requires a profound comprehension of the nature and causes of conflict. Conflict develops from the dissimilarity of interest among the employees. The cause of all the conflict in the workplace is not the same. It is not only on the leader but also the employees to learn about these 5 Common Causes of Workplace Conflict. All the conflicts are not as obvious as opposed to other conflicts. Conflicts might be triggered by several aspects such as personal values, micro-management, external factors, competition among the team, and more. If you are aware of them, you would know what can cause a bigger issue and how you can handle it.

Leadership Conflict

Leaders are supposed to intervene between the conflicts among the employees and resolve it. However, what if the leaders are the cause of the conflict? In fact, leadership conflict is referred as one of the most popular kind of conflict in workplace environment. Each leader has their style of work and management. Similarly, each employee responds to that in distinct ways. This dissimilarity between styles might cause a clash between the managers and the employee. The only way to handle this is clear communication and adjustment of both parties.

5 Common Causes of Workplace Conflict
5 Common Causes of Workplace Conflict

Value Conflict

Value conflict can derive in two ways. One is when the values of an employee do not align with the values of the company. If someone is involved in a job like this, they are most likely to feel bitter and overall suffering. The other way of value conflict can be when two members with distinct beliefs and values are paired for a project. On the brighter side, having separate values and beliefs can often be the cause of growth and innovation for the company. This is the primary reason why we must learn about the different types of conflicts. Learning about the different kinds will help you be more aware and utilize the values of the employees without letting them compromise.

Interpersonal Conflict

Interpersonal conflict is the most noticeable form of clash for workplace participants. It is not tough to observe the rumors, gossip, and politics going on in the office. In several companies, there are racial, gender, and ethnocultural clashes as well. If things get heated, they can lead to charges of harassment and discrimination. Another form of interpersonal conflict that can be found in workplaces is the distinct notions regarding personal success. Things can clash between people who like to boast about their achievements and people who tend not to emphasize on work-related success.

5 Common Causes of Workplace Conflict
5 Common Causes of Workplace Conflict

Organizational Conflict

There are several possible reasons for an organizational conflict. The issues related to hierarchy and the inability to make your mind up about contradictory interests; management and employee tension due to power differences; pay equity; supervisory and work style, and more. Organizational conflicts can also arise from the distribution of duties, distinct views on accountability, workload, benefits, etc. The obvious conflict can derive from the dissimilarity in treatment between departments of employees. A thorough survey or review regarding the betterment of the company can pinpoint the distinctions and issues between the organization.

Environmental Conflict

Workplace conflict that is created by external pressure is known as environmental conflict. For example, if a company forces a huge workload and the workers are obliged to take the pressure that can cause several conflicts. The employees might feel resentful towards the supervisor. There can also be a conflict regarding the division of the work pressure. Some employees might get competitive with their amicable colleagues just to highlight themselves for a possible promotion. Other external factors could be domestic and foreign competition, changing markets, and more. Also, an alteration in government can immensely affect non-profit organizations.

5 Common Causes of Workplace Conflict
5 Common Causes of Workplace Conflict


So, in case you are facing workplace conflict, you must follow the following steps. Firstly, find the cause of the conflict. Secondly, comprehend the issue thoroughly from both sides. Thirdly, try to summon a meeting with the people who are involved in this conflict and have a discussion to resolve it. Lastly, after the issue has been resolved, remind your employees why mutual respect and understanding are better for the company. Emphasize the role of unity and collaboration in teamwork.

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