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5 Benefits of Bedtime Stories

5 Benefits of Bedtime Stories

In today’s world when everyone prefers virtual entertainment, be it watching television or computer, chatting on a cell phone, scrolling through Instagram, or playing video games for several hours, we are forgetting about books. Books, magazines, newspapers were the primary source of entertainment once. Let’s revisit the significance of books and the 5 benefits of bedtime stories.

Develops Mind’s Eye

When we read ‘apple’ we think of how it looks like. But when we see an apple, we do not have to think of anything. In the same way in the contemporary world, kids are all indulged with IPad, Xbox, and iPhone – they do not have a lot of thinking or pictures to do. It’s only when we read to them or they read something, they tend to think and question, which develops their power to imagine things. Bedtime stories are very significant for kids and even adults as they keep their memory charged.

5 Benefits of Bedtime Stories
5 Benefits of Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories Forms a Strong Relationship

When kids read they take that as a job, but when they listen to you they are more attentive. Children tend to be close to people who spend more time with them. So, not only does reading books or stories improve their attention span but it also helps to create a better bond between kids and their families. Other than that reading in a low and monotone voice can make them sleep very fast. Bedtime stories are beneficial for the bond between kids and their families.

Encourages Love for Reading

When kids see something, their instinct is to be like that or behave like that. When you read stories or books to your kids, after a certain point they would try to read on their own, not only that they would perhaps try to sound like you and try to read like the exact way you read to them. Bedtime stories are significant for the academic development of kids. When they try to imitate their parents or family, they focus on the way they sound which leads to their improvement in pronunciation and vocabulary.

Ascertains a Practice

When you read bedtime stories to your kids regularly, it becomes a habit for you and your kids. Once they grow up, it might become their habit to read before going to bed as well, keeping their memory firm and a healthy mind after a hectic day. Bedtime stories create a practice of reading from a very young age, which is helpful to keep the mind and academic life sharp.

5 Benefits of Bedtime Stories
5 Benefits of Bedtime Stories

Unlock the Entrance to Writing

It is only through reading we learn how to write, if we are not capable of reading we will not be able to write. Reading bedtime stories to your kids opens up their power of imagination, they start to question and think like the characters. If you motivate your kids from a very early age to keep a diary to write their everyday thoughts, they will learn to write and express their thoughts explicitly.

These are a few benefits of bedtime story reading, starting from developing attention span to unlocking the creative mind and entrance of writing. Do you have any favorite bedtime stories? Do you still prefer to read books before going to bed? Fell free to share your thoughts through email: contact@gobookmart.com

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