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15 most useful websites for students

15 Most Useful Websites for Students

15 most useful websites for students

In today’s digital age, every profession has slowly embraced the internet and the convenience it provides. The internet has made the education section pretty simple and accessible to many people around the world. Here are the 15 most useful websites for students that help them in their learning process.


Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites on the internet and is known by almost everyone with an internet connection. The website was started in January of 2001 by the Wikimedia company. It is a worldwide free encyclopedia that is available in several languages and contains information on most possible topics. It is a perfect website to gain basic knowledge of a concept.


Quora is a question-and-answer website, where the users interact with others by asking or answering questions. It was founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. The website is said to have answers to most questions out there. Quora is also available in multiple languages apart from English.

15 Most Useful Websites for Students (Wikipedia - quora)
15 Most Useful Websites for Students (Wikipedia – quora)


WikiHow is a website founded in 2005 by Josh Hannah and Jack Herrick. It contains a step-by-step guide for how to do anything. It has an illustrated guide for questions ranging from “What to do when stressed?” to ” How to fix a leaking tap?”. The website currently consists of over 90,000 articles.


Grammarly is an important website to use if you are a student. This website checks your articles or write-ups for any spelling or grammatical mistakes and suggests the correct versions of them for you. Grammarly is available as a website, where you can simply copy and paste your write-up and get suggestions, or even as a browser extension where it checks and corrects your grammar on every webpage.

(WikiHow - Grammarly)
15 Most Useful Websites for Students (WikiHow – Grammarly)

Google Drive

Google Drive is a web cloud service created by Google. It is an easy way of sharing notes and documents with each other. Drive supports most forms of photographs, video, audio, and document formats. Uploading and downloading items from the drive is simple and the folder system on the website helps keep everything organized.

As the name clearly suggests, it is a website that consists of definitions and meanings of various words and phrases. It is an online dictionary. It consists of definitions from various sources in one so it becomes easier to compare and understand.

15 Most Useful Websites for Students (Google Drive -
15 Most Useful Websites for Students (Google Drive –

Google Translate

Google Translate is an online language translating service offered by Google. The website can offer translations of over a hundred languages with a decent amount of accuracy. It is beneficial for students who are learning a new language, or students who just need help understanding a language better.


Udemy is an online learning platform. It has thousands of courses available, offered by various tutors from different parts of the world. Most courses on this website are free or very cost-friendly.

(Google Translate - Udemy)
15 Most Useful Websites for Students (Google Translate – Udemy)

Amazon Kindle

Kindle, owned by Amazon, is a website as well as a mobile application that is used to read books online. The app consists of a varied collection of academic books and novels in multiple languages. These books do not occupy a lot of space on your mobile and can be downloaded and deleted at any point in time.


Coursera is a website founded in 2012. It was made with the intention of making online learning more efficient and creditable. They have paired up with many universities and colleges to provide certified courses for students all across the globe.

15 Most Useful Websites for Students (Amazon Kindle - Coursera)
15 Most Useful Websites for Students (Amazon Kindle – Coursera)

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a website that contains scanned copies of books and many academic papers. These books can be borrowed and used by anyone with the internet. The website also consists of audiobooks, radio shows, videos of gaming, government documents, historical papers, etc. It is a great tool for references for academic research.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit, educational organization created in 2008 by the founder Salman Khan. A vast number of educational content specifically focusing on science and mathematics was published on YouTube, making it easily accessible for students from all over the world. The organization is completely non-profit and runs solely on donations. Varied concepts are covered by Salman Khan in his videos, which makes Khan Academy beneficial for students who are pursuing education in the fields of science and mathematics.

(Internet Archive)
15 Most Useful Websites for Students (Internet Archive)


Mathway is a platform that dedicates itself to making students’ lives easier by solving their mathematical problems for them. All students have to do is scan a mathematical equation and the website provides them with the answer, along with a step-by-step explanation.


Quizlet is a website created specifically to foster learning among students by founder Andrew Sutherland. It has features like digital flashcards, e-quizzes, and memorization games which help students recall information. It is even possible for teachers to create quizzes for classes.

15 Most Useful Websites for Students (Mathway - Quizlet - Weava)
15 Most Useful Websites for Students (Mathway – Quizlet – Weava)

Weava Highlighter

Weava Highlighter is a beneficial tool for students who browse through articles and essays on their laptops or desktops for research. This tool has a specific extension that can be downloaded from the Google Web Store. Once installed, you can use it to highlight important points or phrases on any website you are browsing through.

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