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10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie

10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has become a global phenomenon, with its roster of iconic superheroes capturing the hearts of audiences around the world. From Iron Man to Captain America to Thor, these well-known characters have dominated the silver screen with their epic adventures. However, amidst the star-studded cast of superheroes, there are lesser-known Marvel heroes who have equally captivating stories that are waiting to be told on the big screen. In this article, we will shine a spotlight on 10 underrated Marvel heroes who deserve their own movie. These unsung champions possess unique powers, intriguing backstories, and compelling personalities that have the potential to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. It’s time to shed light on these unsung heroes and explore why they deserve their own moment to shine in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.


10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie - X-23
10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie – X-23

Laura Kinney, also known as X-23, first appeared in the 10th episode titled “X23” of the third season of the animated TV series X-Men: Evolution on August 2, 2003. She made her comic debut in 2004 in NYX #3, created by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost. In 2017, Laura Kinney was portrayed by child actor Dafne Keen in the movie “Logan”.

This mutant character with immense potential remains largely unexplored on the big screen. X-23 has all the potential to create a unique place for her in the MCU. Logan’s mutant daughter is the perfect candidate for a badass female lead that Marvel has been searching for.

Captain Britain

Captain Britain
Captain Britain

Although Captain Carter has made appearances in What If…? and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the addition of another British superhero to the MCU could be promising. Captain Britain has had storylines with both X-Men and Spider-Man, creating a rich foundation for introduction. The character’s movie could explore the theme of espionage, drawing on their past experiences. Alternatively, tying into the Multiverse concept, the film could present a fresh interpretation of Arthurian legends with a superhero twist. Additionally, the movie could depict the formation of the Captain Britain Corps, which exists across multiple dimensions of the Multiverse.

America Chavez

10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie - America Chavez
10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie – America Chavez

America Chavez, a character introduced in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, traveled alongside Dr. Strange in an attempt to escape Scarlett Witch. Her backstory is a tragic one, having been separated from her parents while journeying through the multiverse. Although Xochitl Gomez had limited screen time, she utilized it well. Given her experience with space and time travel, a Marvel movie featuring Chavez embarking on a search for her parents across the multiverse would be fitting. This would allow the character to have her own adventures while also providing opportunities for appearances in other Marvel projects.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl
Squirrel Girl

Doreen Allene Green, aka Squirrel Girl, is a comic book character yet to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hailing from Canada, she has the unique ability to communicate with squirrels, but is not a mutant. In the comics, she is depicted as a nanny for the daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. With her inclusion, Squirrel Girl could provide a great opportunity for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to return to the MCU. Her story could also center around the formation of The Great Lake Avengers, a team she was part of, and possibly introduce a zombie saga, serving as an origin story akin to The Walking Dead.

Captain Ultra 

10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie - Captain Ultra 
10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie – Captain Ultra 

Captain Ultra, a superhero hailing from the 1970s, often gets overlooked due to his generic name and similarities to other more powerful characters. Despite his vague moniker, Captain Ultra possesses abilities akin to Superman and can excel in any skill at an “ultra” level.

What sets him apart is the unique activation of his powers through hypnosis by an alien, resulting in a compelling backstory. This untapped potential and hidden strength could make for an intriguing angle in a Marvel movie, adding depth and complexity to Captain Ultra’s character. Reimagining Captain Ultra’s story in a modern context could unlock new possibilities for this underrated superhero.



Tessa Thompson made a notable impact in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with her portrayal of Valkyrie, solidifying her status as an icon. Introduced in Thor: Ragnarok, she played a soldier struggling with PTSD and eventually found her path to self-discovery. Her latest appearance was in Thor: Love and Thunder as the ruler of Asgard. With the potential for a Valkyrie series or film, her character could be explored in various ways, from her role as Asgard’s leader to her prowess as a fighter defending the galaxy from threats. This multifaceted character has the potential to anchor a show with her dynamic presence.

The Runaways

10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie - The Runaways
10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie – The Runaways

In 2003, The Runaways was created as a team of young superheroes who flee from their murderous and Satan-worshipping parents, The Pride. These parents belong to a group of doomsday worshippers who perform ritualistic human sacrifices. The original team included Karoline Dean, Gertrude Yorkes, Chase Stein, and Alex Wilder, who learned about their parents’ sinister secrets and witnessed their sacrificial rituals. The storyline is captivating and could feature any number of superheroes. The diverse and dynamic characters of The Runaways could create some fascinating outcomes if cast properly, including the possibility of involving a young Peter Parker. The concept offers plenty of opportunities for growth and development, with the roster evolving over time.



Michael Twoyoungmen, also known as Shaman, was a skilled surgeon before discovering his mystical abilities, such as teleportation, animal communication, and restoration, and adopting the superhero persona of Shaman. His character was introduced in Uncanny X-Men #120 and later joined Alpha Flight, appearing in various storylines. Bringing Shaman into the Marvel Cinematic Universe would provide an opportunity to cast the first Native-American superhero, while also adding unique and intriguing mystical elements to the MCU. Additionally, the character possesses mystical artifacts, such as a magical satchel that grants access to another dimension. This could lead to exciting storytelling opportunities and potentially intriguing interactions with Doctor Strange.

Rawhide Kid 

10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie - Rawhide Kid 
10 Underrated Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie – Rawhide Kid 

Johnny “Rawhide Kid” Bart, a skilled gunslinger with numerous cowboy exploits to his name, has been featured in comic books from various eras through the magic of time travel. He has also been a valuable member of teams like the Avengers and the West Coast Avengers. Despite his popularity, the character has yet to make an appearance in any TV show or movie. Fans, however, believe that he has the potential to headline a western film of his own, even if it’s only for a brief period. This concept could be an exciting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future phases as a special presentation.



Wong has garnered a strong fan following since his introduction in Doctor Strange, becoming an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the current Sorcerer Supreme, he has proven himself adept at protecting beloved characters, often with his signature deadpan delivery. A potential series or movie centred on Wong could feature standalone adventures, with his recent appearance in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law hinting at a possible buddy comedy dynamic with Madisynn as they embark on adventures across the universe as super friends.

His solo MCU run could also showcase his humorous interruptions of other superheroes’ daily lives, adding a unique twist to his role as the Sorcerer Supreme. With his popularity and comedic potential, a Wong solo as the main lead would be a perfect addition to the MCU. 

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