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10 Tips to Market an Audiobook

10 Tips to Market an Audiobook

10 Tips to Market an Audiobook

10 Tips to Market an Audiobook: In recent years, there’s been a wave of audiobooks on the market. The hype is to an extent where people are questioning Paperback or Audiobook. With the hype, the need to publish audiobooks has increased simultaneously. Even though it might seem very common nowadays, you need to know the right way to deal with it to be known. In this article, we are going to look at 10 tips to market an Audiobook.

Audiobook Pricing

This tip does not apply to writers who are exclusive to ACX. Amazon/Audible is tough on authors when it comes to pricing. So, even if you are not exclusive you don’t have a say here. However, you can play around with the pricing on all other channels. If you are wide, consider some discounts and special offers that might drive more sales.

Apply for Promotions

For ebooks, promotions have been a staple since the beginning of BookBub. However, that is not the case for audiobooks. It is primarily because Audible has not allowed writers to discount their books. In case, you are wide, there are a few options. If you are wide a Chirp deal is something you can apply for through Findaway Voices. Once selected, it will be promoted to a huge volume of readers.

10 Tips to Market an Audiobook
10 Tips to Market an Audiobook

Discount Your E-book with an Add-on

If your ebook and audiobook are linked with Amazon, it is great for your sales. This strategy will help the buyer to purchase the audiobook for a little more money if they buy the ebook first.

Optimize Ads

Ads for audiobooks are different from ads for other book formats. You can run ads directly to an audiobook or on Audible. Amazon ads can be effective if the Audible book is listed as an add-on to the ebook. It can make a lot of sales of audiobooks and ebooks. Target the genre, narrow it down to those who like audiobooks or Audible and you can put on Facebook ads. BookBub doesn’t have any restrictions on the category of books you include in their ads. So, make sure to include your audiobook on BookBub.

Market an Audiobook with E-mail

Like any other book marketing, your e-mail newsletter will be your biggest asset. Build hype in your e-mail list to let them know your audiobook is coming. Perhaps provide a few samples. Let them know it is available for purchase. The more people buy it the more people will know. Utilize an ARC team, you can form one or use the existing team. If you are new to ACX they will give your codes that you can hand to your team. The newsletter is a top tip for anyone who wants to be big in marketing their book.

10 Tips to Market an Audiobook
10 Tips to Market an Audiobook

Experiment with Social Media

Try putting small sound bytes from your book on the social networking platform you use the most. Soundcloud and YouTube are especially good for audio-related promotions. Audio is a versatile medium and you use your clips in several ways. If you are wide with your audiobook you can put whole chapters up on Soundcloud or YouTube.

Request at Library

Are you aware that most libraries and library applications such as Overview will let you request audiobooks? This will result in royalties for you but will lead to more people finding your audiobook.

Audiobook Giveaway Codes

In case you are exclusive to ACX, they will provide several giveaway codes. With the help of these codes audiobook listeners, they will be able to download a free copy of your audiobook so they leave a review. This registers as a sale in Audible’s algorithm, it will boost the sales rank. Unfortunately, this option is invalid for those who go wide with their audiobooks.

10 Tips to Market an Audiobook
10 Tips to Market an Audiobook


Your audiences are audio listeners, so audio-related market opportunities will be the best way to promote your book. Try to schedule a podcast interview where you can collaborate on someone else’s podcast to talk about your books and their themes. Especially, if your genre is non-fiction, you will have several podcasts that would be happy to have a conversation with you. Several book clubs would be happy to host you. Also, it would be great If you start your podcast channel.  

Market Audiobook with QR Codes

QR codes or Quick Response Codes are scannable through smartphones. When someone scans these codes, it will lead to a link that you can set up. This is incredible to make your audiobook easily accessible to people. You can market better if you place it on the back of your print book. Posting them in your local library or bookmarks is also an excellent way to market the audiobook.

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