Universities often offer formal training for hard skills required to do a job, which includes the practical application of theory relevant to the job. But that is not all that is required to do well in the workplace. Indeed thousands of universities across the globe churn out millions of graduates every year, but only a handful of them become successful. In order to gain success, what one needs is soft skills, some of which are detailed here. We have listed 10 soft skills that are absolutely important to succeed in career.

Time Management

Whether it’s your career or personal life, time management is an absolutely crucial skill that everyone needs to possess. Time management refers to making effective use of your limited time resources. Using timetables, to-do lists and deep focus techniques aimed at maximising productivity often helps with time management. Devoting proportionate time to tasks based on priority also helps. Time management makes a work life balance possible.

Stress Management

No matter what the job type, position and level of superiority, everyone experiences stress at the workplace. This could result from deadlines, workload, staff relations, boss relations or tensions with clients. Whatever the case, appropriate stress management is a skill everyone needs to inculcate. Using Benson’s relaxation techniques, meditating, practising a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food and regular exercise can curb stress.

10 Soft Skills That Are Absolutely Important to Succeed In Career
10 Soft Skills That Are Absolutely Important to Succeed In Career

Creative Thinking

Success at the workplace is crucially dependent on what YOU uniquely and distinctively bring to the table. In a world where competition runs rampant and demand for jobs is high but supply for jobs is low, your unique talents become important. Creative thinking is one aspect of this, where you are required to have original, imaginative, innovative ideas about the growth of the institution you work for. Creative thinking exercises help in this regard.

Social skills

No workplace functions in a vacuum – people at all positions have to constantly interact with others, whether it’s their own co-workers and bosses or outside clients. With all, negotiating skills are important. With clients, one may require bargaining deals to strike the most profitable deal. However, with people within the office too, it’s important to have good relations if one wants to progress through the ranks. Being nice always pays off.

Presentation Skills

Tied in with social skills are presentation skills, which means how you carry yourself or your work. If you present yourself as desirable, likeable, productive and nice, you’re more likely to do well. Also, if you carry yourself with confidence but not superiority, you’re likely to benefit. When it comes to presenting your work in front of others, self-assurance, plenty of practice, and command over the language as well your subject is crucial.

10 Soft Skills That Are Absolutely Important to Succeed In Career
10 Soft Skills That Are Absolutely Important to Succeed In Career


This basically refers to the ability to withstand and cope with stress and conflict, and to emerge unscathed out of it. Bouncing back after setbacks is also part of this. One way to be resilient in the workplace is to avoid any emotional attachment to projects, people or jobs and to refrain from linking your self-worth with these. In this way, you treat failures at the workplace as not defining of your life, and get to work on the next goal right away.


In a highly competitive world where there is a multitude of agencies seeking control, it is important to be assertive in order to ensure your voice is heard. Being assertive refers to showcasing a self-confident and almost forceful personality. It means being bold about your opinions and principles and not being influenced easily. It is important not to lose sight of your vision while being sociable and likeable for it’s you who needs to succeed.

Communication Skills

An important part of social skills which require a point of discussion in and of themselves is communication skills. This means the quality of interactions you have with others must be top notch. You must know how to talk to different people in different ways – being assertive with co-workers, polite with clients, nice to bosses and firm to subordinates. All of this while ensuring you aren’t being “fake”. Communication truly, in the home and at work, is key.

10 Soft Skills That Are Absolutely Important to Succeed In Career
10 Soft Skills That Are Absolutely Important to Succeed In Career

Organizational Skills

As one rises up the ranks in the corporate world, one has to manage more and more people and organize more and more resources. So an effective soft skill to have is a compendium of organizational skills. Delegation, allotment, attention to detail and a frank yet firm communication technique are crucial. However apart from this, it is also important to be a good leader – reliable, trustworthy and dependable. Organizational skills always matter.

Persuasion Skills

A good part of the corporate setup is persuading people to believe in either you or your company. Whether it’s getting clients to like your company over others, customers to buy your product over substitutes or even just convincing bosses and project leaders that you are capable of doing something, persuasion skills are everywhere. Being sociable and kind plays a huge role here, but several persuasive tactics can help too. The door-in-the-face or foot-in-the-door technique as well as self-presentation, glorification and deadline techniques may work.

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