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10 reasons why you should delete social media

10 Reasons Why You Should Delete Social Media

To be honest, whether social media is a good place or a bad place entirely depends on how you handle it or the people you decide to talk to. It certainly helps you to connect with more people. I am certain you have managed to make friends through social media. But, have you wondered if you have become more unsocial or not? Like there are abundant ways to communicate apart from just text messages – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. You can connect to people, check updates about your favourite celebrity, and yet there are several reasons to not be on it. Let’s read about – 10 reasons why you should delete social media?

Waste of Time

I can never say the internet is a bad place. It is up to you how you utilize it and who you choose to talk to. There are probably a few hours in a day when you use the internet for study purposes, work purposes or to find out something – the rest is nothing but a waste of time. I know you have several things to do and you blame social media for distracting you. But surprisingly, there are people with healthy social media relationships.


Social networking sites are such a usual place these days that your presence and your content have become like an expectation and you feel like it is your responsibility to fulfil those expectations by posting things even if you don’t want to post sometimes. Even from a professional point of view, many organizations expect employees to comprehend and use social media as a part of their work. But shouldn’t it be an individual choice? If social media bothers you and you are tired of it, then quit! You do not have to explain your views on why you are doing that because it is your page and it is your personal choice.

10 Reasons Why You Should Delete Social Media
10 Reasons Why You Should Delete Social Media


Anything and everything you post on social media is visible to all. One should be very subtle and wise about what they are posting. Because if you are posting or sharing very personal details there are higher chances of people using your vulnerability. If you are posting negative things to receive applause and be relatable to your audience, you are encouraging a negative aspect of your followers that they should avoid and not cherish. 

Superficial Relationships

You probably have 1500 Instagram followers but with how many of them do you share a private relationship? Social media gives you the perception that you know and understand people better but it is the way they post pictures and portray themselves that you are aware of. For the nth time, real-life and social media are two different worlds.


Social media is the easiest place and option to share your life, thoughts, frustrations, stress, and heartbreaks. And while you are getting the ease, it certainly does not relieve the ones who are reading it. In reading such negative posts and comments even the happiest person would absorb a little bit of that negativity. Logging out from social media, taking time out for yourself, and doing things is always a good option. It will give you the energy to focus on your life and no distractions.

10 Reasons Why You Should Delete Social Media
10 Reasons Why You Should Delete Social Media

Addictive and Unhealthy

Any kind of addiction is unhealthy. Social media addiction is ordinary nowadays to the point that there are addiction centres for people who struggle with it. You don’t realize how that mindless scrolling of 15 minutes drags to 2 hours, but then you could have studied in those 2 hours but you chose to convince yourself that ‘you will do it later’. The moment you provide yourself with option B, your option A will fail.

The Reality

I think one of the reasons people have body image issues and insecurities regarding their appearance is social media. The way we portray ourselves on social media is 90% of the person we want to become but that is not yet us. To have a new face due to the filters and then looking at yourself in the mirror are two different experiences. But you prefer the fake Instagram filter because after using that you receive a lot of validation. By quitting social media you will receive the time to understand the difference between reel and reality.


Social media can lower your self-esteem. If you are using social media because you are not motivated or productive, then you see a friend having fun with other people and posting them on Instagram. It will make you wonder if you are wasting your youth. If you see a reel where someone just bought a beautiful house, you will certainly feel a pang of jealousy of not having a house of your own.

10 Reasons Why You Should Delete Social Media
10 Reasons Why You Should Delete Social Media


Can you swear that social media helps you learn new and valuable things? Say, you are probably on Instagram for a minimum of 4 hours every day, how much do you learn in those four hours? Katy Perry wore an Oscar de la Renta dress and the 2022 Met Gala is a disappointment is a piece of information that entertains you but is it a new knowledge that is beneficial for the future? Why not take the least amount of your every day on social media and invest the most in education?

Privacy Issues

Social media is not just about us, it is about the company as well. Every element of information or activity on social media is being noticed by the brand so that they can define the app and the way users handle it and sell it to advertisers.

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