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10 Reasons to Read Books Written by Paulo Coelho

Reasons to Read Books Written by Paulo Coelho

Reasons to Read Books Written by Paulo Coelho: Paulo Coelho is one of the most important writers of our times, with over twenty novels to his credit and a tremendous fan following. Few books, of course, have shot to fame as much as ‘The Alchemist’. But the writer has other profound oeuvres that also deserve the world’s attention. Hence, here are ten reasons to pick up one of his books straight away and delve into their heart.

Spirituality is untouched by religious fanaticism

The world knows Paulo Coelho to be a spiritual and philosophical writer. His books always centre on the spiritual journeys of embittered souls. However, the best part is that his books are not overly religious. Even though he takes Biblical inspiration, he also talks about pagan and indigenous rituals with the same awe. Thus, these books can inspire and be a source of entertainment for individuals of any and all religions, classes and creeds.

His plots are journeys towards some ultimate learning

Most of Coelho’s plots, as I mentioned previously, involve spiritual self journeys. Usually, his protagonists engage in some form of solo travel or just go to different places. And it is this outer journey that catalyses the inner journey, leading to transformation and self-discovery. Coelho’s books are not just rich with imagery but also full of thoughts, reflections and ideas about what lies within. This makes the books both exciting and enlightening.

10 Reasons to Read Books Written by Paulo Coelho
10 Reasons to Read Books Written by Paulo Coelho

The protagonists always have an arc and are round characters

Another reason to read Coelho’s books is that the protagonists are perfectly crafted. The protagonists start with nothing and sometimes end with nothing too, except for a great deal of spiritual knowledge. This transformation is almost palpable as the novel progresses, which gives a lot of satisfaction to the reader. Coelho’s characters are masterpieces because their inner life and world are expressed brilliantly through Coelho’s writing.

Every book has a different, yet exotic setting that sets the mood

Another speciality of Coelho’s writing is that each story unfolds in a different place. If ‘Alchemist’ took place amidst the pyramids of Egypt, ‘Aleph’ transpires in Russia. Similarly, ‘The Fifth Mountain’ takes place in Zarephath and ‘The Pilgrimage’ takes place in Santiago de la Compostela. They were imbibing the rich cultures, learnings and the spirit of these places, Coelho crafts stories that feel indigenous and connected to the vibe of these places.

His books explore historical and mythological events

A lot of Paulo Coelho’s books centre on historical events and the way they shape humans, sometimes in their lifetime and sometimes in the subsequent births. For instance, the Salem witch hunt of 1692-93 features in ‘Aleph’. ‘The Spy’ takes place against the backdrop of the world war. ‘The Fifth Mountain’ centres on the trouble in the Christian community in the 14th century. All of these historical references are not just passive sources of information but actively activate archetypes that help us connect with the story. Also, Coelho demonstrates how much we can learn through the past events of our world.

10 Reasons to Read Books Written by Paulo Coelho
10 Reasons to Read Books Written by Paulo Coelho

The writing in his books is simple, lucid yet extremely engaging

Paulo’s style of writing doesn’t involve the use of extravagant metaphors or poetical devices. His writing is for the layman – simple yet charming. This focuses a reader’s attention on the content rather than the form of the work of art. Basically, instead of devoting attention to the vibrancy of language, we dwell more on the themes and ideas. Plus, the writing is super engaging and keeps the reader wanting more.

His books are almost always very thought-provoking

Coelho’s books have one almost universal effect on people – they make you think. Most of Coelho’s themes are weird and absurd, things that are not usually present in ordinary literary discourse. But they are important, and unique and they stand out, which means that they prompt people to think. And if any spiritual book makes you think, then it is doing its job right.

The length of his books is not too short yet not too long

Another reason you should read Coelho’s work is its length. Somehow, his books are often the perfect length. The readers feel satisfaction and fulfilment by the end of the book yet they don’t feel like nothing has happened. His books are not short enough to feel incomplete nor are they long enough to allow unnecessary factors or make one feel bored. They are just the right size.

10 Reasons to Read Books Written by Paulo Coelho
10 Reasons to Read Books Written by Paulo Coelho

His books are largely autobiographical

Coelho often draws his books from his personal experiences, which makes them all the more potent. These books feel real and not extravagantly untrue because the inspiration comes from actual moments. Plus, they reveal a lot about the writer too. A lot of Paulo shines through his books, giving us the opportunity to know him a little better. Finally, because they are autobiographical, they feel more intimate and personal.

His books provide solace to those seeking it

It’s a popular saying that art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Paulo’s books succeed at doing exactly that. Their true power lies in their ability to give solace and reassurance to whoever needs it.

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