For many writers, writing is an easy and natural process. But it is what follows the writing that is the nightmare. Hunting for publishers, begging them to consider your draft and wishing that they give you a chance is not exactly ideal. But there are some things you should know before approaching a publishing house so that the journey is smooth. Here is a list of 10 publishing essentials to know before going to book publishing companies.

Get yourself a good agent

Agents are very important in the publishing field because they act as connectors between the author and the publisher. This is beneficial for all parties. The author may not know the nitty gritty of the publishing journey, the publisher may not want to interact with dozens of authors every day and the agent of course, earns a commission for solving both these problems.

Don’t push too much when it comes to cover designs

A great thing to do as a writer is to accept that not everything is your forte. You might be the most brilliant writer in the world, but you’re not necessarily a great artist or marketer. So it’s best to let people who are great at those things to do their jobs without muddling in between.

10 Publishing Essentials to Know Before Going to Book Publishing Companies
10 Publishing Essentials to Know Before Going to Book Publishing Companies

Stay away from comparison, but know your worth

It’s important to understand that different writers have different contracts with publishers. So comparing one contract with another is not only harmful but also useless and a waste of time. It’s crucial to be confident and know your worth no matter way, and resist succumbing to the senseless pressure that numbers put on us. This will increase your chances of publishing as well as keep you satisfied mentally.

Your delivery is just as important as your content

While making a pitch to the publishing company, the delivery is as important (if not more important than) your content. Of course, whether or not your book is objectively good is important. But that is not the only thing that will land you a publisher. You need to have marketing skills and your delivery should really stand out from the rest for people to take notice of you. Thus, focusing on presentation as much as editing is a good idea.

The thing about publishing is that it can be a truly, excruciatingly slow process. So it’s an unwise decision to base writing on trends and fads. Your book might just end up going into bookstores after the trend has passed. For instance, dark academia novels are very in vogue right now. But who knows how people will like them five years down the lane? It’s important to write what authentically comes to you.

10 Publishing Essentials to Know Before Going to Book Publishing Companies
10 Publishing Essentials to Know Before Going to Book Publishing Companies

Use social media to your advantage

A lot of writers say that though they sign contracts with the publishing company, the onus of marketing falls mostly on them. This is because the readers want to interact with authors they love personally. So having that personal connect via social media takes a lot of effort on behalf of writers. Thus, social media engagement, as opposed to just a lot of likes and comments, can be truly crucial for your publishing and book sales.

As writers, people often focus more on their craft and even business than on the legal side of things. But to write something original that goes out into the world means that some form of legal constraints do exist. And it’s worthwhile to pay attention to them. You should know exactly when the publishing contract expires, what rights over publishing your work does the publishing company have and till when, how your works may or may not be reproduced, and more. Basically, you should know your rights, especially copyrights.

Expect the process to be slow but worth it

Publishing traditionally is not an easy process by any means. It takes a lot of effort, and yes, a little bit of luck as well. So know that rejection will come your way and your project will be delayed by longer than you think. The process of getting a publisher, working through edits, making and signing a contract, marketing the book and getting the book in the market takes time. And probably more time than you think. But promise, it’s worth it in the end.

10 Publishing Essentials to Know Before Going to Book Publishing Companies
10 Publishing Essentials to Know Before Going to Book Publishing Companies

Be prepared for rejection in various forms

This might sound a little pessimistic but rejection in the publication world is normal. The best of authors get rejected to no limits before their work makes a mark on the world, because their content is new and thus risky. So if agencies keep mailing you with “sorry, but we cannot”, don’t take it to heart. Such rejections are a part of every writer’s journey. In fact, even established writers face setbacks with rejection from time to time.

Don’t expect immediate access to the literary world

Many people think that by landing a book deal, they get automatic access into the literary world. Yes, this does make your chances of getting noticed higher, as well as makes you more noticeable for awards and accolades. But at the end of the day, publishing is a business and it’s all about the sales. If the sales of your book aren’t that great, it’s not going to be on all shelves because millions of books get released every day.

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