Sometimes when we switch genres we tend to think about where to start and this happens more often with non-fiction books. But we are here to help you if you are new to this side of books. Here is a list of 10 non-fiction books for beginners.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers – Katherine Boo

10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners - Behind the Beautiful Forevers
10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners – Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Annawadi is set in the outline of lavish hotels near the Mumbai airport and with the growing prosperity of the nation, this makeshift settlement is pretty hopeful about their future. With the graduation of the first female from college, everyone will start inching towards a better life. But can this class of people get through the web of politics, culture, race, caste, and religion they are trapped unwillingly?

Flowers in the Gutter – K. R. Gaddy

Flowers in the Gutter
10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners – Flowers in the Gutter

Fritz, Jean, and Gertrud were typical outsiders with an unconventional music and fashion style but they were residing under the surveillance of Hitler’s government. As the children of the year 1933, they witnessed the alteration of their world. Their earliest memories were traumatizing consisting of prison, family fights, and the rise of Nazis. But how they stood against the government who contradicted all their beliefs is the story of these three.

Just Mercy – Bryan Stevenson

10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners - Just Mercy
10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners – Just Mercy

It tells the history of Equal Justice Initiative, which is a non-profit law agency set in Montgomery, Alabama dedicated to defending the condemned, incarcerated, and poor, from the earlier days with a few numbers of staff through trying times of campaigns to radical projects to confront the history of racial discrimination in America.

Yes She Can – Molly Dillon

Yes She Can
10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners – Yes She Can

A very close look at Obama’s presidency from the vision often very responsible women who joined the White House while in their early to mid-twenties because they got inspired by the comprehensive feminist politics of Barack Obama.

Do You Know Who You Are? – Megan Kaye

10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners - Do You Know Who You Are?
Do You Know Who You Are?

This is a guided journal for young people who want to be aware of themselves and their behaviour more intimately. This book is filled with creative activities, questionnaires, psychological facts, and astonishing analysis. It is not just a quiz book; it is also a self-help book with activities that will help you to discover yourself.

Far from the Tree – Andrew Solomon

Far from the Tree
10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners – Far from the Tree

The book talks about families dealing with dwarfism, schizophrenia, autism, Down’s syndrome, and other disabilities; children who are conceived in rape, become criminals, are transgender and the writer somehow manages to document victory of love over discrimination in each chapter.

Deep Work – Cal Newport

10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners - Deep Work
Deep Work

Instead of arguing the convention that distraction is bad, he celebrates the dominance of its contrary. He divided the book into two parts – the first focused on the fact that no matter what profession it is cultivating a profound ethic for work will create immense profits. Then he presents a precise set of rules that will guide you to alter your habits and mind.

Into Thin Air – Jon Krakauer

Into Thin Air
10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners – Into Thin Air

This book talks about the epic account of the murderous account of Jon Krakauer, who is a journalist and mountaineer when he met with a dangerous storm that took lives.

Unnatural Selection – Mara Hvistendahl

10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners - Unnatural Selection
10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners – Unnatural Selection

Lianyungang has China’s most gender ratio for kids under 4, the present situation might not be as grim but in ten years when these children will reach adulthood, they would have 24,000000 more men than women. Asia has 163 million women missing from the entire population. Hvistendahl has done commendable research and compilation of facts and incidents that are nerve-wracking.

Honor Girl – Maggie Thrash

Honor Girl
10 Non-Fiction Books for Beginners – Honor Girl

Maggie Thrash’s every summer has spent at the 100-year-old Camp Bellflower for Girls of her 15-years-old life. She’s from Atlanta, has no physical experience with a guy as she has never kissed one, she is obsessed with Backstreet Boys. But a moment of physical contact with the older, wiser female counsellor Erin twisted her mind.

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