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10 most powerful versions of the Hulk

10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk

The Hulk is one of the most iconic characters within the Marvel Universe. Bruce Banner’s storyline follows a very intriguing direction. As a part of the original Avengers, The Hulk has faced a multitude of enemies. Though, there are many more versions of the Hulk apart from the one we know. So, here are the 10 most powerful versions of the Hulk.


10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk - She-Hulk
10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk – She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters is an amazing attorney with a penchant for justice. She resides in Los Angeles, California. Jennifer’s mother was killed by a crime lord, Nicholas Trask, which increased the fervour with which she began chasing justice. Walters is also Bruce Banner’s cousin. Growing up, both Jennifer and Bruce shared a close bond and were almost inseparable. After Bruce was exposed to gamma radiation and thus became the Hulk, he went to meet with his cousin and tell her what had happened to him.

Coincidentally, this visit is what will change the course of Jennifer’s life entirely. While trying to gather evidence in a case, Jennifer is attacked by some goons sent by Trask and suffers grave injuries. Luckily, Bruce finds her and manages to take her to the hospital just in time. Due to Bruce being the only perfect match for the blood transfusion required to save her life, Bruce transfers his own gamma-irradiated blood to his cousin. This radiation present in Banner’s blood is what causes Jennifer Walter’s transformation into the She-Hulk.

During her time as a superhero, The She-Hulk fought numerous enemies and was a part of the Avengers and even the Fantastic Four for a while.

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk
10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk – The Incredible Hulk

Bruce Banner is a theoretical physicist who grew up as a child prodigy. As a child, Banner grew up with a loving mother, Rebecca, but an extremely abusive father, Brian Banner. Brian Banner, an atomic physicist himself harboured a deep hatred for his son and also believed his work with radiation had resulted in his son becoming some kind of mutant. Bruce was a  victim of his father’s temper, however, after his mother’s death, he went to live with an aunt who raised him like her own child.

Bruce played a part in the creation of the Gamma Bomb and was present when it was being tested. During the test, Banner became trapped in the blast zone as he was trying to help a civilian. The explosion exposed Banner to incredible amounts of gamma radiation and resulted in Banner’s death. However, the excess gamma radiation in his body saved him from death and brought him back as the giant green monster, Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk had many nemeses and fought all of them countless times. The Hulk was also a part of the original Avengers team.

The Ultimate Hulk

10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk - The Ultimate Hulk
10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk – The Ultimate Hulk

This version of the Hulk belongs to an alternate universe within the Marvel Universe. On Earth-1610, Bruce Banner had nurtured an interest in science from a very young age and he would eventually grow up to become a gifted scientist.

Bruce was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. to create a replica of the super-soldier serum which was responsible for giving Steve Rogers his powers. Bruce succeeded in doing this and tried to experiment on himself. This mutated his genetics and he transformed into the Hulk, killing the May and Richard Parker of this universe.

The Ultimate Hulk was somewhat of an outcast and grew bitter, as a result. He was driven to commit terrible things because of his anger and jealousy.

Red Hulk

Red Hulk
Red Hulk

General Thunderbolt Ross is one of the biggest enemies that the Hulk has had to face. General Ross was the commander of the base where Bruce Banner and his team were developing the Gamma Bomb. He held contempt for Banner for being a scrawny, intellectual rather than a strong soldier. This contempt was only enhanced when General Ross’s daughter began to grow close with Bruce Banner.

When General Ross found out that Bruce Banner was the green giant Hulk, he organized a nationwide hunt for him. Ross even went so far as to ally himself with the villains to find Banner. Later, General Ross, with the help of a villainous organization, extracted energy from the body of The Hulk and transformed himself into the Red Hulk.

Professor Hulk

10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk - Professor Hulk
10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk – Professor Hulk

The Professor Hulk is by far the most well-adjusted version of the Hulk. A more advanced version of Bruce Banner’s Hulk itself, this version is not the permanent state of the Hulk.

As Professor Hulk, Banner retains all of his intelligence while he transforms into the green giant. Banner exhibits the most control in this form. Professor Hulk also made an appearance in the most recent conclusion to the Infinity Saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (2019).


10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk – Maestro

Maestro is the alternate future timeline version of Bruce Banner’s Hulk himself. On Earth-9200, the world is ravaged by a nuclear war raging for years as humanity makes sad attempts to tether itself to the dying world. Despite this horrifying dystopia, The Hulk survived as he was kept in stasis for years by an organization known as AIMS.

Once awake, The Hulk escaped from the AIMS compound and returned to New York City, which he found was ruled by some entity known as the ‘Maestro’. He later found out that this ‘Maestro’ is none other than Hercules. Eventually, after multiple tries, the Hulk managed to defeat Hercules and take on the title of ‘Maestro’.


10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk - Kluh
10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk – Kluh

The Kluh is only an intelligent and more advanced version of the most mundane of the Hulks – The Grey Hulk. The Kluh was created by Xemnu, as essentially a clone of the Grey Hulk in an attempt to replace the original Hulk.

Kluh possessed mostly similar powers to The Incredible Hulk, like enhanced strength, regeneration and speed.

The Immortal Hulk

The Immortal Hulk
10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk – The Immortal Hulk

The Immortal Hulk is on par in terms of power with the Worldbreaker Hulk. This version of the Hulk was born as a result of the various deaths that both the Hulks and Bruce Banner have gone through.

The Immortal Hulk gains his name from being determined to stay within Bruce Banner forever. Even as other versions of the Hulk grow discontent, The Immortal Hulk is always content. He is also known as the Devil Hulk.

The World breaker Hulk

10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk - The World breaker Hulk
10 Most Powerful Versions of The Hulk – The World breaker Hulk

The World Breaker Hulk is probably not only the most powerful iteration of the Hulk but also the most powerful entity in the universe. As his name suggests, this version of the Hulk possesses the power and the savagery required to literally break the world.

The Hulk after being stranded on the planet Sakaar by the group of heroes known as the Illuminati. Here, despite being essentially exiled, The Hulk managed to cultivate relationships and became the King. The Hulk even learned to focus on his chaotic anger, which helped him greatly. Though, when all of this was taken from him, it drove him to madness and forced him to become the World breaker Hulk.

The World breaker Hulk is much more advanced than his predecessor and can actively strategize and even form his own body armour. This version of Hulk can also travel the landscape.

The Gray Hulk

The Gray Hulk
The Gray Hulk

The main reason behind the existence of The Grey Hulk is ink issues. Stan Lee, originally, wanted the Hulk to be grey and not green. However, during the printing of one of the issues, the ink colour changed from grey to green. This left the creators with the problem of explaining the existence of The Grey Hulk.

Supposedly, The Grey Hulk is the earlier version of the Hulk that Bruce Banner transformed into when he was first exposed to gamma radiation. Over time, with Banner’s extensive research into gamma radiation and inevitable exposure to it, the Hulk’s appearance changed and he became green in colour, which is the version of the Hulk most popular today.

The Grey Hulk, however, is still said to be lurking in the subconscious mind of Dr. Banner, waiting to undermine the Incredible Hulk and set himself free. This version of the Hulk is strong, though it is weaker than the successive versions that Banner adopted over the years.

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