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10 morning mantras to start your day on a positive note

10 Morning Mantras to Start Your Day on a Positive Note

Each morning brings with the possibility of new hope, a new beginning. It gives you the opportunity to start things new and look at old problems from yesterday with a fresh new perspective. It only stands to reason that this beginning must start off on the right note. To ensure this, you can try starting off each morning by repeating a morning mantra to yourself. A ‘mantra’ is an often inspiring phrase which can be repeated in a motivating chant to help you incorporate it into your mind. Here are 10 morning mantras to start your day on a positive note:

I am Enough

Starting off each morning with the reminder ‘I am enough’ can prove to be incredibly helpful. It is necessary for you to understand that you are enough and you are doing enough. In the busy and overwhelming flow of life, it is possible to forget it sometimes.

With everything that happens so rapidly, the grief of not feeling enough can be felt sharply. Hence, starting each day with this mantra, ‘I am enough’ can have positive consequences on your thinking. You can remind yourself of this every single morning and lead a much better life.

I will achieve my goals slowly but surely

Life today is riddled with so many possibilities and dreams. It is impossible to find a way to achieve all of them, especially so fast. That is why it is important to set realistic goals and find a way to achieve them ultimately.

Repeating the words ‘I will achieve my goals slowly but surely’ can help serve as a reminder that, no matter what hurdles are thrown your way or how long it takes, your determination will never waver. You will always do your best to move towards your goals and find innovative ways to achieve them.

10 Morning Mantras to Start Your Day on a Positive Note
10 Morning Mantras to Start Your Day on a Positive Note

I am worthy

Worth has become an integral part of people’s identity in today’s world. Almost every decision in every walk of life acts as a determinant of your worth. However, most times, worth is built upon shaky foundations and it is possible for it to topple over at any moment.

However, if you begin every morning by repeating ‘I am worthy’, it will slowly ingrain itself into your identity. Your subconscious will remember even if you forget. It is of utmost importance to keep in mind that you are the only person with the power to determine your worth. You must never forget to remind yourself of that and repeat this mantra every morning.

I deserve to be happy

People spend their entire lives on a wild goose chase to find happiness. Happiness, however, is not so fickle. Once you realize that you are the only person completely in control of your own emotions and feelings, it becomes easier to realize that finding happiness is more about creating it.

Begin each morning by repeating the words ‘I deserve to be happy’ to yourself and help yourself realize that happiness is not some mysterious, elusive thing. Every morning, make a decision to find happiness. By following this mantra, slowly you will come to realize that there is much happiness to be found in the everyday mundane life.

I am grateful

Gratitude is an alluring concept. To express thanks everyday for your existence can help you find peace within it. It also allows you to introspect your feelings and your wants, and realize what is important in life.

If you start each day by repeating the words ‘I am grateful’ over and over, you can begin to appreciate and realize the worth of not just your existence but also everything that makes your existence possible.

10 Morning Mantras to Start Your Day on a Positive Note
10 Morning Mantras to Start Your Day on a Positive Note

I am at peace

Peace is something everyone is looking for in this life filled to the brim with chaos. It is a rather difficult concept to grasp but once understood, it can help you cope with most of your day-to-day mundane issues with ease.

Begin each day with a chant of ‘I am at peace’ to ensure that this peace is long-lasting and real. Speak this feeling of being at peace into existence each morning and you will find every problem to be much easier to deal with.

I am capable of choosing my own path

Making rational choices is what sets human beings apart from all the other animals on the planet. These choices ultimately determine the course of the life you want to lead. Making these choices is not an easy job, but it must be done.

When you repeat the mantra ‘I am capable of choosing my own path’, you provide yourself with reassurance that no matter how difficult or life-changing a choice may seem, you are well-equipped to handle it.

I am striving to be a better version of myself everyday

Everyone is striving towards a single goal, of becoming a better person. Though it is not an easily achievable goal, your determination toward it proves that you are a kind and good person, capable of growth.

If you repeat the mantra ‘I am striving to be a better version of myself everyday’ you remind yourself of what you have set out to do. It is not an easy journey, it is filled with turmoil and hardships, nevertheless, you keep going. The willingness to try and try again, alone, makes you a better version of yourself.

10 Morning Mantras to Start Your Day on a Positive Note
10 Morning Mantras to Start Your Day on a Positive Note

I will face all challenges bravely

Life throws a different challenge towards you everyday. At times, it becomes too difficult to deal with them and keep going on. Sometimes, you may feel like not facing them at all.

When things start looking bleak, chant the mantra ‘I will face all challenges bravely’ to remind yourself that it is possible to overcome every adversity that life throws your way and do it with a smile.  

Everything will work out

There are times when things feel overwhelming. You can only see the problems with no solutions in sight. During times like these, it becomes difficult to stay optimistic and nurture hope.

That is one of the reasons why you should start the day off by repeating the mantra ‘Everything will work out’. When things seem dire, it is crucial to remember that things always have a way of working out for the better.

These are a few morning mantras that can help bring about a positive change in your life and help you lead a better lifestyle!

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