10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics: Marvel Comics is renowned for its romantic drama plots, which combine the epic confrontations that display the strength of its most well-known heroes with the reconciliations and splits that readers have come to expect from any of the romantic pairings that writers invent.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson have recently split up again in Marvel comic books, leading readers to wonder whether their on-again, off-again love will last forever even though it is highly improbable they won’t get back together. Despite the fact that many Marvel relationships have come and gone, some have endured.

Ant-Man and The Wasp

10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics - Ant-Man and The Wasp
10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics – Ant-Man and The Wasp

Over the years, Ant-Man has had several bizarre comic book arcs, but among the longest arcs is his love story with The Wasp. When the two first met in the 1960s, they began a connection that would eventually blossom into a marriage and a loving one.

Since many superheroes and the people they fall in love with don’t always get along and serve more like the damsel in distress and hero dynamic, the working relationship and respect that every iteration of the couple has had keeps viewers interested in the plot. With the two characters’ presence in the MCU, the connection has only grown more well-known and vibrant.

Jean Grey and Cyclops

Jean Grey and Cyclops
Jean Grey and Cyclops

Comic book readers are aware that Jean Grey and Cyclops’ relationship persists through all of their difficulties, even deaths. The couple, who have been together since 1963 and are among Marvel’s longest relationships, won the hearts of fans since they were each other’s first loves and never gave up on each other, no matter what. This made fans curious about what would come their way next.

While other Marvel couples have iterations of their stories that separate them, Cyclops and Jean Grey are only ever split apart by death, and even then, they still share a relationship. The X-Men’s role in the relationship may vary depending on the Earth’s rendition, but the two are almost always involved.

Kitty Pryde and Colossus

10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics - Kitty Pryde and Colossus
10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics – Kitty Pryde and Colossus

Comic book enthusiasts are well known with the fact that Kitty Pryde and Colossus do not always get along. This couple’s history is tumultuous, with instances of infidelity and other betrayals of trust. The couple isn’t with each other in their present plot, but given how frequently Marvel Comics splits up and reunites their long-running couples, this might change.

The duo rose to fame for starting a whirlwind romance as teenagers that turned into a partnership-type relationship after Kitty Pryde joined the X-Men. Fans witnessed the rise and fall of the couple’s relationship as they matured as a couple. Because of the dubious age difference between the characters when they first started dating, their backstory had not aged well, but their relationship nonetheless developed into a crucial part of the X-Men dynamic and has the potential to be a wonderful love story in the future and the heroes should get back together.

Gambit and Rogue

Gambit and Rogue
10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics – Gambit and Rogue

Gambit and Rogue remain one among Marvel’s most well-liked couples even after spending more than 30 years together, largely because they are not perfect. Rogue & Gambit’s debut solo series depicted the couple as needing counseling as they battled to be together, but once they team up to defeat a villain, they realize how in love they once more are.

Because they understand each other’s language and how they grew up and became X-Men, the duo is credible due to their shared origins. As a result, people want to see them stay together even longer than they already do. The couple’s popularity would increase since the comic connection would play a significant role in the animated X-Men series.

Black Bolt and Medusa

10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics - Black Bolt and Medusa
10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics – Black Bolt and Medusa

Black Bolt and Medusa have one of the most endearing relationships because they fight against things they are “allowed” to do, like having children, which occurred in 1988 in The Inhumans, and in some versions, they learned to communicate through their eyes and sign language to ensure everyone’s safety given Black Bolt’s abilities to destroy everything with little more than a whisper. This showed a level of understanding between the two.

Despite being cousins, their romance has been the focus of attention ever since they first featured together. They consistently demonstrate that they complement each other better than they do separately and give more humanity to heroes who are typically viewed as inhuman.

Spider-Man and MJ

Spider-Man and MJ
10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics- Spider-Man and MJ

Spider-Man fans have followed Spider-Man’s romance with Mary Jane for more than 40 years, from the mid-1960s until the late 2000s. Throughout the different tales they participate in, this relationship had ups and downs that kept fans rooting for the duo and curious to see if anyone could split the pair apart.

Because there are so many iterations of Spider-Man and MJ’s plot, the couple is one of the most difficult to follow, but their journey is still followed by fans. This is partly explained by the fact that there are several variations of the couple, including ones in which MJ dumps Peter or in which Peter is unable to leave Spider-Man behind, keeping the story new and novel no matter where readers pick up in the comics.

Pepper Potts and Tony Stark

10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics - Pepper Potts and Tony Stark
10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics – Pepper Potts and Tony Stark

Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe gives the impression that Tony Stark and Pepper Potts have only been dating for a little over ten years, in reality, their romance has lasted much longer than that. The two met in 1963, just like many other important partners in the Marvel Comic Universe.

Every time there is a different aspect of the relationship, the couple goes through highs and lows that put their relationship to the test like Pepper asking Tony to stop being Iron Man but they always find a way back to one another and decide to carry on cooperating in some form. Pepper and Tony’s relationship stands out because it emphasizes a theme that few other narratives explore: how difficult it can be to be with a hero when they are just like you.

Thor and Jane Foster

Thor and Jane Foster
Thor and Jane Foster

Since 1962, Jane Foster and Thor have been examining their feelings for one another. In their earlier incarnations, the two were co-workers, while in their most recent versions, they were seeking to locate one another using Mjolnir. Like many superhero couples, Thor and Jane Foster’s relationship has seen ups and downs throughout the years due to factors like mortality, meddling dads, and secret identities.

In the comics, the couple experiences numerous lows and highs other than being parted by the blip or other uncontrollable situations, such as Jane being diagnosed with lethal cancer. The MCU has up until recently depicted the relationship as comedic and sweet. They have become a cornerstone pair for Marvel and a favorite of fans of all ages due to their ability to overcome tragedy and anything attempting to keep them apart.

Reed Richards and Sue Storm

10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics - Reed Richards and Sue Storm
10 Longest-Running Relationships in Marvel Comics – Reed Richards and Sue Storm

When it comes to relationships, Reed Richards and Sue Storm are among Marvel’s most famous couples and are regarded as royalty because they have been married for the longest period of time in Marvel Comics’ history. The couple debuted in the 1960s, when Marvel was just getting started, and have largely remained a happy couple ever since. They are similar to many other Marvel couples.

Even though the world’s great evils are of various proportions, the heroes’ struggles with issues like how to raise their children while under threat make them more relevant to parents who prioritize protecting their children. Because supporters knew Sue and Reed would be together, providing a feeling of security to the group and readers, the happy couple allowed them to have one shining light even in the most upsetting tales.

Scarlet Witch and Vision

Scarlet Witch and Vision
Scarlet Witch and Vision

With the debut of WandaVision, Wanda and Vision’s romance experienced a surge in popularity, sparking renewed curiosity about how the long-standing Marvel couple met in 1963. Despite having abilities that make them heroes, Scarlett Witch and Vision generally portray a normal relationship, making the couple accessible to readers.

Readers followed the couple’s development as they went from purchasing their first residence to having children, and their growth allowed them to stay together for a long time. The couple’s tragedy, particularly the death and resurrection of Vision, has made it simple for viewers to desire to see more from the relationship and allows Marvel to continuously come up with fresh ways to reunite them.

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