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Why Old-School Methods of Teaching Need to be Changed

Why Old-School Methods of Teaching Need to be Changed

Why Old-School Methods of Teaching Need to be Changed: Education has the power to not only transform lives but to transform generations. This is the reason that educators and teachers have an enormous regard and respect in our society. But with time the moral and professional ethics of this field has degraded to the lowest level. Where Education has turned into a business here profit matters more than professionalism. With time, education has become marks oriented rather than being knowledge oriented. This has led to a lot of issues in recent times where man is against machine. Let’s talk about the issues created by the old school methods of teaching and why it needs to be changed.


Why Old-School Methods of Teaching Need to be Changed
Why Old-School Methods of Teaching Need to be Changed

The old school methods of teaching are outdated and barely add any value to the students’ career and life in general. Gone are those days when students used to plan about their future goals and career after Graduation or High School. In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, we can’t really on the outdated education system for the current generations’ growth and success in life and career. It’s like giving a teenager a toddler’s bicycle for competing in a race.

The Study material and books

Most of the study material and books are outdated and contains information which has hardly any relevance in today’s time. There are almost the same science, history, economics books going on for decades. Even fast evolving subjects like computers rarely see any quick updates in the course material. This makes information in books just a piece of informative history of the subject which has very little relevance for students. Even the methods of presentation of information in the books haven’t changed for years. This can also be seen as the wastage of a student’s precious time. As the student has to relearn most of the concepts for becoming market ready. It’s better to have a system where students are taught what’s relevant for which we need to upgrade and update our study material & books at regular intervals.

Mugging Up culture

Why Old-School Methods of Teaching Need to be Changed
Why Old-School Methods of Teaching Need to be Changed

Mugging up is a big part of our education system and is one of the worst things for the quality of overall education. It’s like a parasite that sucks the knowledge and wisdom out of students. Mugging up kills the curiosity of knowing and understanding something, and only focuses on the art of mugging up, which has no benefit other than getting marks without knowledge & understanding of a concept.

Exams and marks hype

Mugging up culture’s existence is only present because of the hype of exams & marks. They have created such a hype of marks and exams in our society that it has done more bad than good to us. The constant pressure is responsible for degrading quality of education. Where overall conceptualization isn’t given any importance, only certain exams and marks matter. We have turned into a marks oriented society rather than being a knowledge oriented one.

So called Professional Courses

Why Old-School Methods of Teaching Need to be Changed
Why Old-School Methods of Teaching Need to be Changed

Professional Courses were designed to provide professional knowledge and jobs or work in that certain profession. But the overall quality of the outdated education system has also hampered the quality of professional courses. The knowledge and skills provided in the courses isn’t adequate. Most courses lack current relevant field knowledge and practical exposure. Which makes it tough for the degree holders to make a career for themselves after the completion of their professional course.

Lack of options and awareness

Ideally, with more knowledge our horizon should be broad but gets narrowing down with time. It’s not because of our choices but because of our limited awareness and lack of opportunities. It’s important to spread awareness about the subjects, concepts and their future perspective and possible use. In our education system we have created moulds of Arts, Science, Biology, Commerce on paper in the minds of students. Where they can’t interlink or combine the forces. A student should be able to choose desired subjects and take a deep dive into them for better understanding. Always remember being an expert in one thing is far better than being a noob in multiple things.

The Arrival of AI

With the arrival of AI and super computers we are growing faster than ever. The AI has changed the way of working and core professional fields in the world. This shift has led to unemployment of many has created a scarcity of jobs for unskilled people. The demand for the hour, is people who are masters of their craft and who can bring in some impact in the market space or have unique quality/trait to stand out.


The old school methods of teaching and education system are greatly responsible for unemployment. As it’s focusing on quantity not quality and producing millions of aspirants who are not market ready and lack basic knowledge and skillset required for professional work space.

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