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Why Ashwin Sanghi is Referred as Dan Brown of India

Why Ashwin Sanghi is Referred as Dan Brown of India

Why Ashwin Sanghi is Referred as Dan Brown of India

Why Ashwin Sanghi is Referred as Dan Brown of India: Ashwin Sanghi is an Indian author known for his engaging and interesting fictional novels. Sanghi was born in Mumbai on the 25th of January in 1969. He has done his schooling from the Cathedral & John Connon School. Ashwin completed his Grads from St. Xavier’s College in Economics. And has an MBA degree from the Yale School of Management. In 1993 Sanghi joined his family business and in 2006 he wrote his first novel.

The author has been around for more than a decade (writing novels). The Mumbai based author is known for his novels like The Rozabal Line, Chanakya’s Chant, The Vault of Vishnu, The Magicians of Mazda. Sanghi is known for his fictional books which are fast paced and thrilling in nature. His talent of finding minute details in a story and working on those subjects is extraordinary. The author has a fascination with Indian Myths and Epics. Ashwin digs deep into the stories for finding engaging and amazing elements for his fictional novels. The writer writes fiction but his content is very well researched. That’s the reason his books have depth and stories are layered in nature.

Why Ashwin Sanghi is Referred as Dan Brown of India
Why Ashwin Sanghi is Referred as Dan Brown of India

Reason for his comparison with Dan Brown 

For people who are not aware about Dan Brown, he’s regarded as one of the greatest authors of the modern era. He is an American author and has written numerous best selling books. Dan is known for his thrillers and his novels are published in 52 different languages across the globe. More than 200 million copies of his novels have been sold (in print). Brown is best known for his iconic book ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Which is one of the best selling books of all time. He was also crowned as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time Magazine (in 2015).

Sanghi and Brown have met in a few instances and it appears that the duo share a friendly bond to say the least. The Indian author (Sanghi) has even mentioned that Dan Brown is one of his favourites. And has been inspired by the iconic author’s work. Ashwin Sanghi also mentions that some of his work is definitely inspired by Dan. However the author disagrees with comparisons drawn between him and Dan Brown. 

Why Ashwin Sanghi is Referred as Dan Brown of India
Why Ashwin Sanghi is Referred as Dan Brown of India

But in general the media and the masses regard him as India’s Dan Brown. Sanghi’s work and choices make him a stand out author in the Indian market. His fascination with myths and history is somewhat similar to Dan’s approach. The duo (Dan and Ashwin) believe in exploring myths, history of a place, country or religion. The authors have an expertise in developing layered fast paced stories. Their stories are like complex mind games and strategies. Which makes their novels widely discussed and debated topics in the masses. Their books are best sellers yet critically acclaimed. The similarities don’t end here. The duo publish pieces which are nail biting and have a climax worth waiting for. Both writers have turned the faith of writing and publishing in their own ways. Dan got the market and print publishing back in business with his legendary books. While Ashwin has inspired the Indian writers & authors to come out of their cocoon and start taking more risk & creative liberty in writing.

Writing is an art and subjective in nature. Same goes for one’s thought and point of view. For many the duo are dead similar. But few may say that they are totally different and shouldn’t be compared. Thousand heads and thousands of perspectives, each to its own. It’s just that, you need to be backed by a solid reason and logic which people can buy. This is somewhat what we have learned from these two great authors. Their work is full of imagination and references but is backed by vigorous research and has a solid logic. So, it’s upon you to decide, is Ashwin Sanghi the Dan Brown of India.

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