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what to do to get out of reading slump

What To Do To Get Out Of Reading Slump?

what to do to get out of reading slump?

Even the most seasoned of readers can get into reading slumps – periods of languor where you just don’t feel like picking up a book. It’s kind of like the reader’s version of the writer’s block. But it’s not permanent, with effort, you can get out of a reading slump. Here are a few ways you can take small steps to slip into reading again. This article talks about what to do to get out of reading slump?

Begin with a collection of short stories or a novella

When you’re in a reading slump, picking up a three hundred page novel can seem tedious and even daunting. A good way to slide back into the reading zone is to pick up shorter works. Challenging yourself to read one short story a day, or a chapter of a novella a day, just so you can see the finish line so clearly.

Reread a favourite book

Another way to experience the sublime joy of reading is to reread a favourite book. Going through that reading experience again might just remind you how wonderful, impactful and necessary words can be. This might encourage you to try out a new book, putting effectively a break on your reading slump.

What To Do To Get Out Of Reading Slump?
What To Do To Get Out Of Reading Slump?

Ask for recommendations from someone you trust

Sometimes you don’t want to get stuck in a reading rut, or you just need some inspiration. In this case, it’s best to look without for inspiration. Asking from recommendations from someone who understands you can be great because they are likely to suggest books you will like. In this case, you can rely on best friends, professors or even trusted librarians.

Visit a cute bookstore or library

A great way to get some reading inspiration is to visit a library or a bookstore. These are places that value and honour the written word, so the atmosphere there will be conducive to reading. Additionally, this will expose you to newer books that might not have been a part of your TBR before. This might just motivate you to start reading again.

Vamp up your reading space

The space in which you read can have a tremendous impact on how you feel about reading. Aestheticizing the place can increase multifold your desire to pick up a book and keep reading for hours. A new bookshelf, a cozy armchair, a few scented candles can work wonders. Jazzing up the reading nook always helps!

What To Do To Get Out Of Reading Slump?
What To Do To Get Out Of Reading Slump?

Clear your schedule to make time for reading

Reading is not just a matter of enjoyment or liking, it requires dedication and determination. If you want to get out of a reading slump, you need to take effort for it. One way to do this is to set aside a specific time of the day just to read. You should devote this time of the day purely to reading, without doing anything else. Scheduling will also reduce anxiety.

Read in the first half of the day

It may not always seem like it but reading is a cognitive task. Your brain needs to interpret, analyze and grasp things at a deep level. For this, you need to be alert and active, else you’ll fall prey to the fake reading syndrome. When you’re tired and overworked in the second half of the day, you’ll feel demotivated to read.

Buddy read with someone else or join a book club

If you cannot conjure up the motivation to read just by yourself, maybe a community of booklovers can help. Buddy reading, where two or more people read the same book in the same time period and update each other on their progress can help. Or joining a book club, where a group of people decide on a book, read it and discuss it in detail is also a good idea.

What To Do To Get Out Of Reading Slump?
What To Do To Get Out Of Reading Slump?

Explore a new genre

Maybe you’re not tired of reading in general, but of a specific genre. If you’ve read too much of a specific genre, that can certainly be the case. So if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, exploring a genre you wouldn’t otherwise touch might be a great idea.

Don’t pressurize yourself

Finally, reading is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and insightful. So if it doesn’t feel like that, don’t force yourself to do something just for the sake of it. Reading without enjoying is barely reading at all.

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