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7 types of creative blocks and ways to overcome them

Types of Creative Blocks and Ways to Overcome Them

7 types of creative blocks and ways to overcome them

Creative Blocks: For a creative mind, especially someone who indulged in creativity as a profession, creative block is agonizing. Recurring creative blocks are potentially career-damaging. You cannot afford to be out of ideas and energy to create. However, all creative blocks are not equal and they require distinct solutions. In this article, we are going to read about 7 types of creative blocks and ways to overcome them.

Personal Issues

Creativity demands undivided attention and it is hard to focus when you are dealing with family or any other personal issues. There are two ways to approach and move on from this block: Either you solve the issue or find a way to cope with it till it passes. To solve the problem you might need the help and guidance of a specialist or support from your close ones. And it might be fruitful to take a break till you feel entirely all right and hopeful about your future actions. Keep trying to focus every day, even for an hour. When you get productive, you’ll be able to see your problems from a different perspective.

7 Types of Creative Blocks and Ways to Overcome Them
7 Types of Creative Blocks and Ways to Overcome Them

Mental Block

Mental block happens when you are not open to thoughts. You are trapped in your mindset so you fail to fathom the world from a different set of eyes. Your conjectures or approach to any issue are limited to your perception. The only way to deal with this creative block is to alter your mind with questions such as “what if?” and adopt distinct opinions. Listen to disagreements instead of getting involved in an argument, and always ask questions.

Emotional Block

Creativity is a perturbed pursuit. You will face the unknown repeatedly. It is always about the time when you will be familiar with something and feel like an epiphany. Perhaps, your work or topic will be unsettling and unconventional. The dreads and qualms are resistance which leads to procrastination, and hence the creative block. Several things can help, such as meditation, commitment, routine, etc. You need to find your own medicine. Nonetheless, it is going to be painful and once you know and explore it better, you will be able to utilize it for the better.

7 Types of Creative Blocks and Ways to Overcome Them
7 Types of Creative Blocks and Ways to Overcome Them

Work Habits

You are trying too hard or not hard enough – working too early or too late – working for long hours or not long enough.  As a creative, you must set up a time to deal with your mundane tasks such as accounting, e-mail, and more. Don’t let smaller things distract your bigger objectives. Take time to look at your work pattern, try to change it, and see how you can make it effective – when do you feel most productive, when you have longer concentration, etc. There are no rules, you can always change and act accordingly. The goal is to utilize time efficiently.


It is not always about finance however lack of it is a perennial issue for creatives. You could also suffer from the poverty of time, network, equipment, and knowledge. There are two kinds of possible solutions for this issue: Either you can save up your resources such as time and money, or a creative challenge for yourself of achieving as much as possible within the limitations that you have.


Often creative block can preface from having too much and not too little. Your mind is filled with ideas, you have taken on too many commitments, or you are perhaps overwhelmed with the volume of ideas and demands. You suffer from the creative block due to the work pressure, options, and obligations. It’s time for you to start saying ‘no’, and focus on the pending works. Execute some of your ideas and keep a folder for the rest. Set a time for every task – work time, e-mails, others, and rest, and try to function accordingly to get over the block.

7 Types of Creative Blocks and Ways to Overcome Them
7 Types of Creative Blocks and Ways to Overcome Them

Communication Breakdown

If you work in a group, tensions are inevitable, and it can make it impossible for you to grow and function. Frequently, you get affected by phantoms – merely wondering about your work being demeaned by audiences and clawed by the critics. And, when this scenario happens for real, you have to deal with it. You need to be more aware of your right audience to prevent your creativity from blending into communication skills. As a creator, you must learn how to influence, market, and consistently work on your networking skills. If you want to be successful, you have to do this. And, often it is about assuring yourself that you can’t please everyone all the time, and developing a thick skin for dismissal and disapproval. Every creative has suffered bad reviews and setbacks, yet they didn’t cease to inspire people.

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