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Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics

Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics

Welcome to our exploration of the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe, where ancient evils have been lurking since time immemorial. These are the most powerful and fearsome entities, responsible for unfathomable destruction, chaos, and suffering. In this article, we’ll delve into the depths of Marvel’s rich history to unveil the Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics. From cosmic beings to sorcerers and interdimensional entities, these villains have shaped the fates of our favorite superheroes and challenged the limits of their powers. So prepare yourself for a thrilling journey into the world of gods, demons, and unimaginable terrors that have haunted the pages of Marvel Comics for decades.

Mistress Death

Mistress Death
Mistress Death

At the very inception of the universe, coinciding with the explosive phenomenon of the Big Bang, Death materialized into existence as the quintessential representation of mortality. It assumed its rightful place among other cosmic entities such as Eternity, Infinity, and Oblivion, thus becoming one of the principal driving forces of creation. Ever since its emergence, Death has been responsible for overseeing the natural termination of life, from the grand scale of entire galaxies to the more intimate scale of individual beings on rare and significant occasions. While not inherently malevolent, Death has played a pivotal role in influencing the actions of Thanos within the Marvel Comics universe.


Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics - Knull
Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics – Knull

In a time when darkness reigned supreme and all else was non-existent, Knull dwelled within the void. As soon as beams of light permeated his obscure domain, he was propelled through the vast expanse of existence for countless ages. In the meantime, the Celestials, unimpressed by the featureless void, commenced constructing the cosmos, using radiant light as their building blocks.Having found refuge inside the head of the Celestial he had slain, Knull fashioned a dwelling place for himself within it. It was there that he drew upon his own being to create the initial sword-like symbiotes, and subsequently evolved into the deity of the forge.



As the enduring Black Queen of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle, Selene Gallio claims to have existed for multiple millennia and to have engaged in battles with the ancient magician, Kulan Gath. Throughout history, she has been renowned as a formidable sorceress whose influence instilled both fear and admiration in other practitioners of magic. At one point, Selene settled in the ancient Roman Republic, and eventually proclaimed herself as the legendary Goddess of the Moon from Arthurian lore.

Despite being regarded by some sources as a potent wielder of magic, Selene is actually an External, one of the earliest-known mutants with an exceptionally long lifespan. Across time, her followers grew into a worldwide cult, attesting to her enduring appeal and influence. Utilizing the energy she has siphoned, Selene is capable of endowing herself with extraordinary abilities and can even restore herself to life after death. Possessing a broad spectrum of powers, Selene has displayed a penchant for malevolent actions, earning her a reputation as a sinister figure.


Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics - Shuma-Gorath
Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics – Shuma-Gorath

Having dominion over numerous dimensions, Shuma-Gorath arrived in the Earth-Realm millions of years ago, together with the other Old Ones. They reigned over the planet, subsisting on the ape-men as a source of sustenance.

In an era that dates back hundreds of millions of years, Quoggoth rebelled, arrogantly believing he had surpassed the power of his own creator. Despite Shuma-Gorath’s triumph over Quoggoth, he was unable to vanquish him entirely, and instead chose to incarcerate him on an island that, in modern times, served as Magneto’s stronghold for a period.

The Black Winter

The Black Winter
The Black Winter

As one of the oldest cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe, the Black Winter assumes a role similar to that of Galactus, albeit on a vastly grander scale – consuming entire universes. It had previously consumed the sixth iteration of the Cosmos, leaving only Galan as the sole survivor, whom it selected as its herald and transformed into Galactus. As the Asgardians know it as the Full Winter, they believe it to be the harbinger of Ragnarok.

In the present day, the Black Winter seeks to reclaim Galactus as its herald, and invades the prime Marvel Universe of 616, manifesting as a fearsome version of Thor. Although Galactus manages to evade the assault, he sustains injuries and crash-lands on Asgard, where the dark frosts infect the World Tree. Galactus then chooses Thor as his new herald and informs him of the imminent threat posed by the Black Winter, which has already consumed five planets. Eventually, the Black Winter devours yet another universe.


Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics - Dormammu
Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics – Dormammu

Dormammu is an embodiment of destruction, megalomania, and ruthlessness. He exudes pure malevolence, seemingly driven by an insatiable desire to expand his Dark Dimension realm and conquer all other worlds and dimensions of the Multiverse, seeking to fuse them together. To achieve this, he recruits Kaecilius and the Zealots, promising them everlasting peace, which they all crave. Dormammu takes pleasure in inflicting pain and causing suffering, relishing the opportunity to eliminate his foes, including Doctor Strange, until he realizes he is trapped in an endless time loop.

Despite his malevolence, Dormammu displays a degree of honor by fulfilling his end of the agreement with Doctor Strange. When Strange manages to break the time loop, Dormammu agrees to end his assault on Earth and never return, recognizing that he had been tricked into a situation where Strange held all the power.

The Chaos King

The Chaos King
Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics – The Chaos King

The Chaos King is not just a deity, but the embodiment of the Void that existed before Creation. He represents Oblivion and is the complete abstract embodiment of Non-Existence. While he was once known as Amatsu-Mikaboshi by the Japanese Pantheon, he is now understood to be a far greater entity. The Chaos King is a malevolent and eldritch being whose ultimate goal is to bring about the end of all existence. He stands in direct opposition to the forces of creation and existence, such as Eternity and Gaea, making him the “Anti-God.”


Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics - Mephisto
Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics – Mephisto

The origin of Mephisto is shrouded in mystery and may vary depending on the source. In one account, it is suggested that Mephisto emerged from the collective dark desires of humanity, forming a new line of demons and devils following the attack of Atum, also known as Demogorge, on the planet’s demons billions of years ago. As a demon and Lord of the Splinter Realms, Mephisto is among the many devils who rule over their own fiery domains. However, given Mephisto’s tendency towards deception, it is difficult to determine the veracity of this tale.

In an alternative account, Mephisto’s origin story traces back to four billion years ago when a Celestial, in the process of dying, bleeds its blood onto the newly-formed Earth. Mephisto emerges as a maggot-laying fly and begins to exert his influence over various beings throughout the universe, causing chaos and disruption wherever he goes.



This entity was revered as a deity by humans on Earth who were either evil or emotionally vulnerable. It is actually a demon that engages in bargaining, making deals with some of these humans to damn their souls to the House of Infinite Loss (HFIL).

Cyttorak is an incredibly powerful extra dimensional entity known as the Destroyer, the Lord of Oblivion, and the Master of the Raging Storm. Long ago, the early humans of Earth worshiped him as both a God and a Demon until he was eventually banished to his home dimension. However, he continued to seek ways to increase his destructive power and eventually created the Juggernaut by selecting a human to become his avatar and imbuing them with immense strength and durability.

The One Below All

Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics - The One Below All
Top 10 Ancient Evils in Marvel Comics – The One Below All

The One Below All represents the destructive counterpart to the supreme being and creator, the One Above All. As the cycle of death and rebirth requires both creation and destruction, The One Below All embodies the latter. Although distinct from the One Above All, they are two sides of the same cosmic entity, each serving as a foil to the other. When the One Above All creates a new multiverse, entropy takes hold and The One Below All influences all destructive entities within the multiverse to bring about its destruction.

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