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Ten Types of Psychic Abilities

Ten Types of Psychic Abilities

Ten Types of Psychic Abilities

Who doesn’t like power. But have you ever thought about which power you would like to possess? Confused ! Don’t worry, we have some decent suggestions for you. Here is a list of ten types of Psychic Abilities. These abilities are not your simple daily life ordinary ability. They are supernatural Psychic abilities, any of these abilities can make any individual supremely powerful. So let’s take a look at these 10 psychic abilities.


The first type of psychic ability is not for the faint hearted. ‘Mediumship’ is the ability to communicate with spirits. Any person who possesses this psychic ability has the ability to even communicate with dead people. They are kind of the bridge or medium between the dead and living. Their abilities empower them to communicate across the realms. 

Ten Types of Psychic Abilities
Ten Types of Psychic Abilities


You must have heard about it or may have seen it on television series and movies. Telepathy has been widely used in books, Sci Fi movies & series. It’s mostly used as a superpower. Telepathy is the ability to communicate or transport your ideas to another person without interacting with them. People who have the psychic ability of Telepathy can communicate through their thoughts without using any form of formal or conventional communication method. 


Was wireless charging fascinating for you? Or how about superfast and smooth touch panels on laptops and television. Sounds interesting or may be boring. But this psychic ability isn’t boring at all. Psychometry gives you powers to receive messages by just touching someone or something. Looks like a person who has these abilities treats people and objects like his mailbox or inbox. 


Intuitions are very powerful in nature. People who possess the ability of Clairsentience can predict the possibilities with the help of their intuitions. These people seem to be a pro version of the market analyst and data scientists. Clairsentience can be a great ability to have, it can affect one’s daily life and its complications.

Ten Types of Psychic Abilities
Ten Types of Psychic Abilities


We all love peeping into others’ lives. No one says it out loud. But it is one of human beings’ guilty pleasures. People with the ability of Clairempathy have the ability to sense the emotions of other people. How cool can it be to know the emotions of your near and dear ones. 

Shape Shifting

Another ability but his time more on the physical side of the spectrum. Shape Shifting is one of the oldest tricks in the books and has been widely portrayed in mythologies and even in pop culture. Anyways this ability is very rare and useful. It is used for both bad and good deeds. But it is mostly connected with negative forces. Shape Shifting abilities can do wonders for an individual. 


Another interesting psychic ability is ‘Clairaudience’. It is the ability to hear. You may be thinking that how does this counts as something special or unique. But mind you this is no ordinary hearing ability. People with ‘Clairaudience’ ability can even hear the messages from the spiritual world. 

Psychic surgery

It’s believed that there are people with Psychic surgery abilities. These people are believed to not only heel people but conduct surgeries without any tools. Just think what would happen to surgeons if people like these were around. Anyways there is very minuet evidence about this kind of psychic abilities. So, don’t get scammed and only visit a normal surgeon who has his surgical tools and degree. 

Ten Types of Psychic Abilities
Ten Types of Psychic Abilities


A time machine or time travel is one of the most fascinating concepts to come across mankind. For ages people have thought about the possibilities of time machines and how to bring this concept into reality. Clairvoyance is not about time machines but it is about the ability to see an individual’s past, present and future. 


Are you into exploring new cultures, places and people but unable to communicate with them? We have an idea, no not the faulty translates. A far more superior and pro version of normal translation applications. ‘Xenoglossy’ is believed to be a psychic ability which empowers you to read, write, understand and speak any foreign language.

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