Super Commando Dhruva is among the Indian superhero that appears in comic books produced by Raj Comics. The author and illustrator Anupam Sinha’s character initially appeared in April 1987. Since then, he has frequently appeared in numerous issues of Raj Comics. The cadets of Super Commando Dhruva’s Commando Force also refer to him as Captain Dhruva. His full name is Dhruva Mehra.

The imaginary Indian town of Rajnagar is where Super Commando Dhruva is based. He is the creator of Commando Force, a fictional government-approved crime-fighting force. The appearance of the character is recognizable and iconic, consisting of a yellow and sky blue outfit, brown boots, and a belt with a star-shaped buckle.

The character’s star virtually bears a trademark now. The most peculiar aspect of Dhruva is that, in contrast to the majority of other superheroes, he does not have an alter ego or conceal his identity with a mask. He is also unusual in that he lacks superpowers, but he compensates for this with his intelligence, detective skills, natural ability to communicate with almost all animals, scientific knowledge, martial arts, and acrobatic abilities, unmatched willpower, and a commitment to eradicating evil from this world.

Super Commando Dhruva – India’s forgotten Superhero
Super Commando Dhruva – India’s forgotten Superhero

Despite his popularity and numerous adventures, Super Commando Dhruva has largely been forgotten by the general public. This is due in part to the lack of a consistent publishing schedule and the lack of a strong media presence.

Despite this, there are still many fans of the character and his stories continue to be enjoyed by readers around the world. Hopefully, one day Super Commando Dhruva will once again be recognized as the iconic superhero that he is.

Creation and Publication

Raj Comics desired a new superhero for its titles in the late 1980s after Nagraj’s initial success. Super Commando Dhruva was the brainchild of author Anupam Sinha during this time. He was created as a regular adult devoid of any special abilities but with a strong sense of will and the willingness to battle against any odds, much like Batman from DC Comics. Most admirers believe that Dhruva’s persona is a cross between Batman and Robin. He fights crime in a manner that is strikingly comparable to Batman’s, on the one hand, and Robin’s in terms of origin.

In GENL #74 “Pratishodh Ki Jwala,” which was released in 1987, Super Commando Dhruva made his debut. Traditionally, a general issue was between 30 and 32 pages long. The history of the character was the focus of Dhruva’s debut issue.

Dhruva’s Biography

Shyam and Radha, two trapeze performers who used to appear in Jupiter Circus, gave birth to Dhruva. He grew up within the confines of the circus. Dhruva acquired animal communication skills while growing up surrounded by elephants, tigers, and other circus pets. Each performer at the Jupiter Circus liked Dhruva, and he began to acquire individual skills from them. He was taught bodybuilding by the strongman Hercules.

He learned animal management from Ringmaster. The knife thrower taught him how to shoot and perform bike stunts, and he also picked up knife throwing. He began appearing in Jupiter Circus performances at the age of 14, and his breathtaking performances greatly aided Jupiter’s rise to fame as a circus.

Super Commando Dhruva – India’s forgotten Superhero
Super Commando Dhruva – India’s forgotten Superhero

The owner of the competitor Globe Circus planned a plot to annihilate Jupiter Circus and dispatched Jubisko, his strongman, and Bond, a sniper, to carry it out. Dhruva’s parents were among those killed when Jubisko set fire to the Jupiter Circus. Dhruva, who escaped the massacre, was determined to exact revenge on those who had died and to purge society of evil.

The events that transpired afterward led to the closure of Globe Circus as well. Rajan Mehra, the city’s police chief, later took Dhruva in as his own child. Dhruva decided to continue fighting crime, establishing Rajnagar as his operational hub.

Super Commando Dhruva’s Abilities and Powers

Dhruva lacks any innate superhuman abilities. His only apparent supernatural talent is the capacity he developed as a child to communicate with the majority of animals and birds. He can converse with a wide range of animals, including most birds and mammals like dogs and lions. A gorilla is the only animal with which he is unable to speak.

Dhruva compensates for his lack of natural superpowers with his ability for investigation, scientific knowledge, gymnastics, and martial arts. Dhruva is reputed to be highly intelligent. Physically, Dhruva is incredibly powerful. Hercules, the strongman of the circus, gave him strength training.

In addition, Super Commando Dhruva is skilled in balancing, trapezing, and other acrobatic disciplines that he learned from his parents. His body is extremely flexible and has quick reflexes, enabling him to even avoid being shot. He is skilled in many types of martial arts as well as hand-to-hand fighting strategies. Dhruva is a master of free running and has demonstrated the ability to scale numerous barriers and skyscrapers by jumping, climbing, and swinging. He is a skilled stunt rider and shooter in addition to being an outstanding motorcyclist.

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