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Risks In Becoming Full Time Author Or Writer

Did you know that only .0025% of the total writers become successful (sell 1000 copies) in the US? Why do you think the others failed? What were the risks that the others overlooked? If you are someone who is thinking of becoming a full time author or writer. We have presented some risks in becoming full time author or writer you must keep in mind before making the decision.

Writing as a career option is only beneficial for those who love to write as well as read. Yes, you should also read as much as you write. Reading others work is important while doing research for your own book. Reading also helps build your vocabulary. it also helps you have a better understanding of the language you want to write in.

There is going to be numerous competition in the market. Newspaper jobs and magazine jobs are disappearing, so everyone with a passion for writing will try to go for writing as a career option. You will have to compete with a lot of people. Being unique and true to yourself is what is going to make you stand out among the crowd.

Risks In Becoming Full Time Author Or Writer
Risks In Becoming Full Time Author Or Writer

You will be paid much less compared to the amount you have done. In the beginning of your career no one would want to invest in you. You will have to prove your worth. Having some financial security is essential before becoming a full time author. There are thousands of writers who get less than $100 a year.

There are going to be a lot of burnouts. Burnout is something which happens due to overworking. Years of hard work and no success results in burnout. One must not lose their motivation to keep trying. Remember only you can help yourself and get out of the situation.

Having a firm command over your language is crucial. If you are not comfortable with the language you are going to write in, you will not be able to connect with the audience. Try to learn the local dialect and culture of the people for a better connect with the people of the area.

You have to be consistent. Inconsistency can be very harmful for a writers career. Try to work out a schedule if you are trying full time. Stick to the schedule. You will also be sacrificing your social life. Be prepared for a lot of staying at home sessions and brainstorming.

Risks In Becoming Full Time Author Or Writer
Risks In Becoming Full Time Author Or Writer

Beware of scammers who lure small authors or writers and take their money in the name of publishing their books. Also work out your budget before hand so you won’t. Having a proper and detailed plan helps a long way.

It is safe to be a writer when you have at least five published books and each book is sold more than the others. It is also handy when you have contracts in hand for at least three more books. Also you should have a year and half of expenses in your bank account before you decide to be a full time author.

There are going to be risks in any field you go to. It’s better to take the chance and do what you love than to regret it later. Small and calculated risks are always a better option than nothing at all.

Remember when they say “Take Risks, If you win you are going to be happy and if you lose you are going to be WISE”.

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