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How to Set and Accomplish Goals – 7 Steps

How to Set and Accomplish Goals – 7 Steps

how to set and accomplish goals

There are a few things in this world that are better than setting goals and accomplishing them. It is essential to set goals as it helps you to put yourself on the right track. If you are having issues achieving goals or staying persistent with your habit, you are not alone. You need to identify the specific goals that you are willing to achieve and how you want to reach them. In this article we have mentioned 7 steps on how to set and accomplish goals.

Evaluate the Situation

You need to understand what situation you are in, to decide your next step and goals. Go through certain questions in your head – Why are you in this position? Where were you wrong? How bad was it? Where exactly do you need to work more? How can you improve this situation? When you are clear in your head with these small details, it will be helpful to set goals and accomplish them.

Make it Smarter

Your goals at all costs must be smarter which means you have to do a few things. S – Specific, you need to be specific about your goals and needs. M – Measurable, you need to develop a routine that contains your goals in smaller bits. A – Attainable, your daily goals should not be something impossible. R – Relevant, you must stay real with yourself regarding your capabilities and core values. T – Time-bound, you must give your goal duration and stay determined. E – Evaluate, you need to evaluate your long-term goals every day. R – Readjust, it doesn’t mean throw away your aims and goals, it means to get new ones to get around your issues.

How to Set and Accomplish Goals – 7 Steps
How to Set and Accomplish Goals – 7 Steps

Write it down

Every individual must have a journal to write down their daily, weekly, and monthly goals. You must write down your thoughts to strengthen your intentions. Writing helps us to evolve in a better way. When you write down things, it helps to enable a higher level of understanding and therefore makes you more focused. Your journal will contain all the random things which will help your brain to process and contain only the essential details. An overwhelmed mind messes everything, so when your brain is free you become free to analyze things intellectually.

Break it down

Having a long-term goal fixed in your mind can be extremely overwhelming. One time you will feel positive and the next moment you will feel unworthy of it. To avoid this overwhelming emotion, you need to work on it in sections and achieve smaller goals every week. Only in this way, you will be able to overcome the overwhelming feeling and stay persistent with your goal.

Develop Systems and Habits

When you set a long-term goal, you need to stay persistent. Your habit and system affect you in several ways. Having a good system will help your mental health and strengthen your motivation to reach your goal. First, you need to note down your daily habits. Then, you need to identify the habits and times when you are wasting your time. Finally, you need to implement the habit that will help you reach your goals. You have to be sure that your goals are specific. Don’t add big aims to your daily goals. You need to divide your goals into small sections so that it doesn’t seem like work. Make sure that you review the goal every week (not daily).

How to Set and Accomplish Goals – 7 Steps
How to Set and Accomplish Goals – 7 Steps

Hold Yourself Accountable

When you set goals for yourself, you need to take the whole responsibility for the outcome, whether it is positive or negative. You need to take ownership of the condition you are in. Responsibility occurs first and then accountability after obtaining the result. The result can be anything, and you cannot blame others if it is negative. You need to understand where you are wrong, the point where you need to work more and solve the problem.

Reward Yourself

Rewards in this matter will work as reinforcement to push you towards being positive and productive. It increases the dopamine levels in your brain. Dopamine helps us to increase memory retention, feel happy, regulates mood and appetite, and also helps us with sleep. Your brain elicits positive emotions, leading to the realization that your hard work and efforts result in a positive reward. By rewarding yourself as a result of your efforts will begin to link pleasure with achievements. It will help you to continue accomplishing your weekly and monthly goals.

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