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How to Save Space on Cloud Drive for Educational Presentations

How to Save Space on Cloud Drive for Educational Presentations

Educational presentation using multiple PDF files and cloud computing are the only way to share documents quickly. Research articles and presentations are shared on Google Drive and OneDrive. PDF files are only way to reduce the space on the cloud computing devices.

Merge PDFs have become an easy way to combine multiple PDF files instantly. Combining different files into one file makes it possible for you to share with anyone easily whenever required. You will find several PDF combiners that provide a user-friendly or simple interface to combine your files.

One of these tools is a product of theonlineconverter.com. The site is subjected to providing you with a gateway to combine PDFs together with one of its concerned converters. The tool is free to use and is super fast, thereby ensuring you speedy and accurate merging all the time.

Why Merge PDF Files?

There are several situations where you consider that merging PDF files is necessary. Combined documents may be needed by businesses for efficient operations and record-keeping, by students for research purposes, or by people who just want to organize many files more effectively. Users can lessen complexity and ensure simpler accessibility by combining PDF files.

Online Platforms for Merging PDFs:

Multiple online platforms are available here as a PDF combiner. The majority of the time, these platforms are paid to use with optional premium services offering further functionality. But theonlineconverter.com provides this facility for free. Anyone who wants to combine PDFs can use the PDF combiner of this website easily.

Steps to Merge PDF Files Online:

There are different steps to follow using an online PDF tool.

  • Choose an Online PDF Merger
  • Upload PDF Files
  • Arrange Files
  • Merge Files
  • Download Merged PDF

Security Considerations:

Even though to combine PDF online is extremely simple, it’s critical to think about the security of your documents, especially if they contain some important or sensitive data.  It is necessary to read the online platform’s privacy policy to find out how your files are handled. It helps you to choose platforms that promise to delete your files soon after processing.

How to Save Space on Cloud Drive for Educational Presentations
How to Save Space on Cloud Drive for Educational Presentations

Considerations for Premium Services:

Seeking advanced features for combining PDFs? Theonlineconvereter.com offers a PDF combiner that has premium features such as higher file size limits, faster processing speeds, and the ability to merge a more significant number of files at once.

Browser Extensions and Plugins

To further simplify the procedure, there are certain online platforms available on the internet for providing browser plugins or extensions. Users who frequently merge files can benefit from having these extensions installed because they can merge PDFs directly from their browsers.

Offline Alternatives

Users can combine PDF files offline by utilizing different online software like Adobe Acrobat or other PDF management tools, while online approaches are more practical. Given that they do not necessitate uploading files to an internet platform, these offline alternatives might be preferred for working with very big or particularly sensitive files.


A simple and convenient way to combine PDFs into one file is by merging PDF files online. Online PDF combiner can be a useful tool for anyone, whether they are a professional, student, or just trying to organize their personal documents.

It is important to be concerned about the safety of your papers, for this purpose you should choose platforms with respectable privacy policies. Nowadays, there are so many online choices that combining PDFs is a chore that anyone can complete anywhere easily.

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