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Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks

Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks | Book Review and Podcast

Nicholas Sparks is back with another moving love story named Dreamland. This time this adult fiction is about risking all you have for a dream and a question if it is possible to leave the past behind or not. It is a slow-burn novel that some readers prefer. There are duel storylines that help it seem mysterious and unconnected.

Twenty-five years old, Colby Mills once realized that he is destined for a musical career. Until his aspirations got hit by a tragedy. He was raised with his sister by his uncle and aunt after their parents died suddenly. When his uncle departed of a heart attack, he knows he has to help his aunt with the family farm. He is presently the head of a small family farm located in North Carolina. Colby plays at a bar in St. Pete’s Beach, Florida as a way of seeking a break from all the responsibilities back at home.

Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks | Book Review and Podcast
Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks | Book Review and Podcast

However, when he gets familiar with twenty-one-year-old influencer Morgan Lee his entire world alters. He starts wondering what if the responsibilities start to dictate his direction for the rest of his life. Morgan is the daughter of affluent Chicago doctors. She has graduated from a prestigious college music program to move to Nashville and become a star. Musically and romantically, Colby and Morgan complete each other in a way that both are not aware of. While Colby and Morgan are falling in love with each other, they might not end up being with each other. Colby has to go back to North Carolina for family obligations and Morgan wants to develop a singing career in Nashville. Will they be able to make this connection work?

Beverly is on a journey of a different kind. She is running away from an abusive husband, with her six-year-old son named Tommie. Beverly is trying to create a life for her and her son in a small town. With dangers around the corner and money running out, she took a decision that will rewrite all the things she knows to be a fact.

During the time of one unforgettable weak, two young people would navigate the thrilling heights and heartbreak of first love. On the other hand, Beverly will put her affection for her son to the test. And destiny will draw three of them together in a web of life-altering connections. Each of them will be compelled to wonder whether the desire for a better life can ever overpower the weight of the past. The most interesting aspect of “Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks” is how these storylines will come in contact with each other.

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Book Review Podcast ( Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks )

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